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Personal Assistant for Black Winch, the AS A Service Experts

Full Time Negotiable

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We need you to keep us on track and reach our strategic goals!

Black Winch is a team of experts for AS A Service business models. We all have supported a significant number of manufacturers and service providers for more than 15 years, to implement As A Service business models, always including a product.

And, when a product is part of an As A Service solution, it has its challenges to implement since it requires specific skills such as marketing and commercial cultural change. But most of all it requires mastering a skill called “financial engineering” to secure the scalability of the offers and make the model attractive for users and shareholders.

As a founder of Black Winch, I have gathered a remote team of experts of the industry in Europe and America to concentrate expertise in the key areas necessary to a successful and long lasting As A Service business model.

At Black Winch we are on a mission: We are strongly convinced that As A Service helps the centralization of ownership of fleets of products. This is the only way forward to develop a circular economy at scale.

We are onboarding large international customers, famous worldwide brands at the moment, and it is time for us to scale up and focus.

We know what to do to deliver added value to our customers and grow the brand and reach of Black Winch. We have lots of content to share, we are creative and constantly come up with new ideas…. However, we are for support to structure, organization, repeating tasks, and finishing projects. Especially routine, tech issues and details distract us and slow us down.

Will you help us reach our goals, by helping us create a structure to share our content, execute our ideas, move things forward and pay attention to the details?

We need a person who delivers the content we create, who executes the standard tasks that need to be done, who follows up on the things we put into motion.

When we can concentrate on the areas where we have the most added value, we can perform miracles and reach our purpose. But we can only do this when we have somebody besides us who excels in the areas where we lack.

You’ll be a valued team member of our small core team supporting us in delivering great AS A Service solutions. We are a very flexible team and hire specialists where needed. You will be close to the core team helping us to manage the flexible team shape.

You will be the first full-time person in our team, working with us in the long term to grow and develop our business. There is room for growth in your role, too, as we expand and work together.

This job post and the application process are very detailed because we are serious about our business, this job, finding the right person and the best match. I assume you want to know what you are getting into as well.


Are a generalist who loves supporting others and enjoys keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

Are organized, structured, and consistent, take pride in making sure things happen on time.

Are able to manage a project from A to Z and is the watchdog of the deadlines.

Are extremely detail-oriented (no spelling mistakes, incorrect dates, etc. - you triple check everything).

Like things to look good and have an eye for consistency in the look & feel of emails, website, and other content and make sure they match brand guidelines.

Are responsible and reliable; a stable personality.

Are motivated, a self-starter, you like to work independently, are flexible, and take responsibility for results.

Thrive on improving things (for example making a web page, an email, or a procedure better).

Have great communication skills.

Are good at dealing with constructive feedback.

Get satisfaction from repetitive tasks, so you can perfect them and enjoy being really good at them.

Are not afraid to try new programs or apps and have a general willingness to learn.

Have experience in a similar remote job.

Have experience with some of these tools: Excel macros and pivot tables, WordPress and Elementor, Google suit and Apps, Dropbox, Calendly, Trello, Slack, Teams, enhanced PPT presentations

Have a home office or Co-working space with a fast, reliable internet connection.

Are available 30-40 hrs a week. On weekdays you are available at least 2 hours per day between 3 pm-6 pm CET. The rest of the hours can be flexible to fit your schedule.

Master excellent English, both spoken and written.

Are aiming for a long term work relationship

Are ready to dive in! :)

Last but not least, experiences with IT, leasing, hardware or worked for as a service company is welcome.

The fundamental daily job you will do to reach the ambitions of Black Winch

You are the most important person in managing our front and back end processes.

You structure information in Google Drive and Trello in order to be able for us and our customers to access it in a seamless way.

You are the guardian of our brand identity and make sure that all the content we produce follows our brand style.

You manage our agendas ( Meeting registration, reminder emails, call scheduling, questions from customers…).

You create meeting reports and action plans when joining online customer calls on our request.

You manage some aspects of our social media presence such as posts management and first answers to social media traffic.

You schedule and post content (that we will create) on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube).

You moderate a LinkedIn group.

You keep our website up to date and include the content we provide you with.

You Create blogs and articles (with content we will provide) on our WordPress website.

You collect testimonials from emails, reviews, and social media posts and manage them according to an existing workflow.

You answer Frequently Asked Questions in emails and web site.

You create emails and newsletters in an existing template, with content we will provide.

You provide us the first level of accounting support by tracking and reporting expenses.

You help us to follow cash collection deadlines.

You help us plan our travels (finding good deals on tickets, AirB&B bookings etc).

Other things that I’d love you to help us with

Depending on your skills and preferences, you may also support me with:

You repurpose existing content; selecting reusable parts, quotes etc.

You reach out to podcasts to get us invited on their show.


We are looking for someone who wants to dedicate himself to forming a long term working relationship. We want to be your main priority and would prefer to be your only client. In return, we will provide you with a consistent amount of work, training on the job, lots of interesting projects, and a long term partnership.

The role is full time (40 hours per week).

We are ready to provide a fee of €800 - €1100 per month depending on hours, commitment, and experience.

Since we are a remote team, we will also meet twice a year in great locations around the world. According to our commercial performance, we will be pleased to invite you to our retreats.

There is room for growth, both in the role and pay if things work really well for both of us.

This is an independent contractor position.

Hiring process

We will hire for attitude and train for skills.

The right attitude is more important to us than skills. Still, it’s great to know your experience and preferences.

To apply please click the Apply button and complete the attached application form .

When you get energy from your job this will be contagious among us! In the application form, you’ll find a list of things we do and programs we work with. We will ask you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 per topic. We would like to know what you are good at and what you enjoy doing, so we can find the perfect match with our existing skills.

When we will select your profile we will go through 3 interviews and 1 assignment before making our final decision to work together.

Keep in mind that it’s OK if you haven’t done all of these things before. We are not looking for somebody who can do everything, we will provide training. Just be honest and let us know what you know and enjoy.

If you feel that you are the right person, we are excited to hear from you!

We will take 1 week to review applicants and then send reactions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yann Toutant

Founder and CEO

PS. I do not appreciate standard messages, because I choose carefully with whom I work.

Please apply with the hashtag #BW-AS-A-SERVICE-EXPERTS when I ask for the ‘magic word’, so I know that you have read the full description. :)

Black Winch

Black Winch supports organisations to turn a product-based business into a subscription model and move from transferring ownership to providing us...

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