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Opportunity Of a Lifetime - This is a Job You Won't See Everyday [CLOSED]

Full Time or Part Time 6.30 EUR Type: Hourly

About the company

Opportunity Of a Lifetime – This is a Job You Won’t See Everyday.

BACKLINKING / Off Page Optimization.

If you have ever heard the phrase “I did not have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” attributed to Mark Twain,  you will know what he meant after you read this. I can't really spend any more time on it so I am not going to go through it again and cut it down.  It’s 5.5 pages, 3000 words so it’s a 13-minute read or you could run it through a TTV if you are tired.  Think of it as an extra-long blog.

This is a permanent job. Part-time for now but may extend to  35/40 hours per week.  You will need to do about 20 hours per week to start.

PLEASE NOTE: I have deliberately targeted the job in countries where 6 euros per hour for what will probably become a full week is a comfortable salary. I just pulled this table for average wages across Europe from Wiki and left out all the countries above Portugal.  I then found the same table on jobsrack.eu

 SEO is slow and I need someone to hang around for a while. The hourly rate will go up during the first year but only to perhaps 7.00 or 8.00. That would be about 17K per annum. Ok if you if you lived in Greece or Croatia or Moscow even better (Russians welcome to apply, no problem but you really have to do something about the conveyor belt of monsters) but not much use in the Western West (First 10 Countries in EU, US, Canada, Australia, Japan etc.).

The reason for this is the Irish Banks have stopped lending and whereas a few years ago, I could have just borrowed cash, that is no longer the case so the company must grow on generated income so it is going to be a while before I can pay significantly higher wages.  Portugal is even a stretch. 

The reason I restricted it to the 48 countries in the EU & EEA is access from Ireland.  As it is going to be a long-term job, after a few months I expect that we meet in person which means that you have to be from somewhere that Ryanair.com has access to. Ryanair.com flies from Dublin to 100+ cities across Europe and EEA.  Fares booked even a few weeks in advance cost less than the bus fare to the Airport. Getting back might be a bit of a problem as you will have to hang around for what might only be one flight per week but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

If you are from outside Ryanair land and you have found the job, go ahead and apply as there will be other jobs coming up (around 10), many long-term, hopefully.


It would be just as suitable for someone with Strong SEO experience as someone with none from an admin/sales background who wanted to learn something else and do a far more interesting job.  All the course materials to do the job, I have researched.  All you need to do is turn up with the right attitude, plenty of confidence, and common sense.  Your previous job record and your response will tell me all I need to know.

 I know from experience, I will get a lot of responses to this ad.  To cut down the number of profiles I have to review,  I have to have some way of filtering them out, and here is the first one: I am only responding to those who have the Reference or Password or  Secret Sign in the document below in their opening paragraph.  You have to read through the document to find the reference or you could scan for it I suppose and just stick it in your opening paragraph but I will know and delete you.

So, If you have already sent an auto-response before you read this,  then just read the document and send your response again with the Reference.  To be clear, by auto-response I mean I get a response from you immediately after I post the document or before the 10 minutes it takes to read the document has expired.  This might not even be possible in jobrack.eu but it is on upwork.com FreeLancer and it is very annoying as you will find out if you are ever recruiting.

Our Irish-based start-up has a lot of potential, but it is still in its early stages. If I could pay Irish/Western European salaries, I would not be on this site. So 6 Euros per hour is the max I can you start you on. However, there will be opportunities to do extra hours in other related projects including those for which you already might have the skill set and there will be wage increases after 3 months, and 6 months, and if you are staying on after 12 months, there will be a share option deal.  Please Don’t ask me about the details of this share option deal at this stage because they are a complex instrument across borders for taxation purposes etc and I have neither the time, money, or inclination to go anywhere near a lawyer until I have to ..BUT! maybe ChatGPI will write one for me for free.  Indeed, if chatGP etc can do one thing useful for humankind, it might get rid of some of them and force them into doing something useful for a living...

If you are reading this and you are an SEO Expert, or Intermediate, a dabbler ( like me ) or a complete Newbie, there is a reason for you to read on as I will be introducing you to two companies that I believe make the whole job a lot easier and the hours spent on it far more productive. 

For SEO, there is exposureninja.com and if you are doing PPC in other work or might like to get started, and you have never heard of storegrowers.com,  I think you will be as delighted as I was a few weeks ago when I came across them  their website and their material expecially their 33 SOPS for 39.00.   These 33 SOPs cover virtually everything you need to know about all five Google advertising platforms.

If you have SEO experience,  you can use what I have outlined below to complement your existing skills.  If you have no SEO experience whatsoever,  if you follow the materials outlined below,  you will have the technical expertise to do the job.  After that it is like any job, 90% depends on your personality. 

Are you competent, reliable, and a good communicator and are you proactive in that eventually or the sooner the better you just take ownership of the job and run with it and you can adapt to a  “Just do it and don’t bother me with the details” approach as the old saying goes?  If you are one of those people who has to be wet nursed and spoon-fed and have every detail worked out and can only respond to direct instructions, then it would not matter how much SEO you knew because you will need to be an all-rounder.

A more business corporate speak paraphrasing of the above would be.  …Get yourself into a position where we only have to confer on strategy not tactics”

I want someone for around 20 hours per week every week.  It is a per-hour job.  There will be a review after 3 months, then six months, and share options after 12 months.

TRAINING GIVEN.  THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  SEO is not rocket science. I will give you all the reading material required and pay for exams to get you certification if you want to move on later. Then you can double or triple your rate after you leave us.  You will have at least two recommendations as you will have worked for at least two employers.  After six months,  you can stay or leave.  If you are leaving you can train in the next person.  If you are staying, your hourly rate will increase and after 12 months you will be offered share options.

The site is www.framedwallart.ie I need someone to do backlinking continuously. This is an ongoing monthly contract of indefinite duration that will last as long as the website does

The new website is replacing www.fineartframed.ie which has been there since 2010 and well past its sell-by date.  www.FramedWallArt.ie   is focused on the Irish market only. 

This means that it is only visible on Google. ie. The TLD for Ireland is .ie which has a population of only 4.5M and that is the extent of the audience for this particular website.   Because the audience is quite small ( there are 10 European Cities with Larger populations than Ireland)

I know from experience with another of my websites, that a little bit of effort will get most of our keywords into the top three spots.  A bit more effort should get us to number #1 for many of the terms.  True!. Getting on the first page of Google. ie is not much to boast about.  There will be no brownie points for that. 

Once the website is established in Ireland, it will be rolled out across Europe. (24 countries) and will have a presence on Google.tld for all countries. 


Please do not comment on the present condition of the site or that it needs on-page optimization + work done to it.  Don’t be fooled by what you see.  A lot is going on under the hood. It will soon be transferred to a designer, on-page SEO expert and a copywriter. The site will be completely changed within the next month with many landing pages being added. The site will also be fully optimized for on-page SEO. But That won't be your job.  Your job is to get backlinks.  Those are all once-off jobs with a few tweaks every three or six months. 

Regarding on-page optimization, I do not know if I will be outsourcing it or doing it myself. If I am outsourcing it,  I will let you know and you can interview for it but it will be treated as an entirely separate contract. 

This is the big job that has permanent work, training, and a raise, and if you are still doing it in a year, share options.  I am thinking about how I will work that out but I believe in proactively incentivising everyone involved in a company. If you are involved in building up the company, you will share in its success.  The approach around here is not the ultra-capitalist approach that has brought the world to this sorry state but more like the buccaneers of old or the Vikings even, though Fierce and Terrible they were, they were not greedy to one another and shared out the booty between the crew. 


ON AGENCIES. In the past, I have had agencies working for me on different sites.  I am not ruling out an agency for this contract but most likely, I will opt to deal directly with the person who is doing the actual work.  I would be prepared to pay an agency a premium of 20 % perhaps to ensure continuity of service but  I have no intention of hiring a company with a fancy website and an address in the West West and then recruiting people out in low-wage economies and banks the difference of as much as 200%.  You know who you are.  “All fur coat and no Knickers” as it were. Don’t bother replying.  Just go away.   You are not dealing with some NGO, Bank, or Government Department that spends other people's money.

If……., instead you are an agency that can add some value, at a reasonable rate, and have a reason for existence other than exploitation of those less fortunate than you by all means, reply.  You will know yourself if you are an agency providing market efficiency or if you are just a Gangsta – a Slaver even!

As I said, I believe that I have just recently stumbled across the best mentor for all things SEO.  This company is www.Exposureninja.com .  Im not the only one who thinks highly of them it seems.

They have published four books.  The most relevant one to this project which I have just read from cover to cover and back again is “How to get to the top of Google”. Here is a link to a free copy with the complements of Exposure Ninja.  Off-page optimization/backlinking is covered in section 3.0 chapters 19 – 28 inclusive.  19-23 covers the very basic stuff where you would be starting and then from 24 to 28 and subsequently,  you will be doing marketing outreach. 

There is also chapter 4.0 of SEO 2021 by Adam Clarke  – it might be a different chapter number in SEO – 2022 by Adam Clarke.  I also came across another course by Brian Dean of www.backlinko.com which was excellent BUT he is now charging 599USD  for the course and he has a waiting list of 4,000 ( whatever that means – the crowd is kept outside the Night Club even if there is nobody inside approach?) so Brian Dean has been removed from the curriculum  After reading so many books and blogs myself, I am convinced that ExposureNinja’s one book and that one chapter in Adam Clarke's book is all you need. You should install the Moz DA Chrome extension.  It can get a bit annoying so just switch it on and off as required.

If you have never heard of Exposure Ninja, you will certainly benefit from reading these chapters. It is an audiobook as well for around 3.00 on Amazon. I will get you a copy of that if you get to the interview stage. For the interview stage. 

You will have to listen to / read chaps 19 to 28 inclusive to prepare for the interview. If you have never done SEO before just start at the beginning of the book and by the time you get to chap 29 ( about 3.5 hours into the audiobook),  you will be prepared and if you don’t get this job,  you can study it and be ready to get ab SEO job somewhere else.

You will also be using SEMRUSH.  if you want to have a look at it,  you can get a 14-day free trial from Exposureninja right  here.    I have a a subscription to SEMRUSH which costs 120 USD per month.  That is the basic one of three versions.  I think it may be possible for both of us to use it but only one at a time. If you need to use it, I will log out, etc. 

As this site is in the Home Improvement/office fitting/interior design space, there are huge opportunities to get backlinks. For instance, houzz.ie has over 60 bloggers in the interior design space. I have a list of good backlinking opportunities to get you started. I will want a report every two weeks similar to the attached.  There is software available that can generate a report in this format.

I will also need to know how you intend to get these backlinks and what software you are currently using or intend to use to do this work. Have you come across Postaga.com or something similar?  Postaga.com has a 14-day free trial if you would like to have a look at it and capterra.com or g2.com will list and rate any alternatives, 

 Obviously, for backlinking, continuous research for new link opportunities is required but you can also use backlinking services similar to those operating all over Fiverr.com.  Let me know what they are and I will pay for them. I just want to make sure that they will not damage the site.   According to Exposure Ninja,  they don’t actually damage the site,  most are just ignored. 

However, that might mean if they show up as backlinks in  Semrush, you can analyze them to see if they are working.  I call this grey hat linking as opposed to a black or white hat. 

Grey hat is the kind of thing that is not supposed to work but does regardless but may be all knocked out if Google does an algorithm upgrade.  However, whenever that happens, the white-hat linking should keep working.

Will you also please state if you are an agency or working alone? I expect to receive a good few replies as winning this contract will provide a regular monthly income for an indefinite period ( as long as the site is in business ). 

As I stated above, the site is replacing an existing website which has been there since 2010 so you can assume that this site will also be there for 10 + years. However, when replying, if you do not show that you have read through this spec had a look at the exposure ninja site and read a few chaps of the free book ( atleast 19 to 23 inc),  I won’t be putting you on a shortlist. There will be too many replies to go through so that is my first filter. If you sent an auto-response as soon as the job appeared, you would need to read the spec and resend as the auto-response will be ignored. This is simple to do. Just put this REFERENCE “READ YOUR BUMPF” in your opening paragraph.

Also. If you must have fluent English I will be interviewing on ZOOM.  That’s not because you will be talking to those you are trying to link to.  Not at the moment anyway.  But because you will need to fully comprehend the messages you get from me. 

You will also get a subscription to Scribd paid for by me. No big deal it is only 10.00 per month. I do not understand how their business model works but it is almost as good as paying a flat fee of 10.00 per month to Amazon and getting whatever ebook or audiobook that you want to download instead of paying 7.99 or even 12.99 per book.  It does not have everything Amazon has and does not have the latest releases.  Scribd has a thirty-day free trial as well.

Why should I care whether you get a subscription to Scribd or not?  Well, there is a section called Scribd coach. They are all about 1 hour long. It is the usual stuff about lifestyle coaching and getting organized and efficient.   They are all audiobooks so you can listen while you are doing any repetitive tasks.  I have started listening to the 110 of them and I have picked out three so far that are required reading AFTER you are offered the job.   You can do what you want with the systems in them ie. Use them or not or combine them into your one but you have to listen to them before you cast them aside.  Some of them are good fun as well like this guy and The Panic Monster Ted Talk

I will even post you a set of wrap-around headphones.  These have a rewind on the side so you can go back 10 or 20 seconds if you want to write something down.  It saves you from taking out your phone and having to rewind that way. I was looking for a pair with this feature last year and could not find a set on the internet for less than €200.00 then found them in a local chain store, .  The feature is undocumented.  I nly found the feature after I bought them. You can actually set the Jump Back duration on Scribd but you knew that anyway, right? They are helios head phones

If the Americanisms annoy you in these 1 hour motivation, and efficiency courses + the fact that they are always inclined to reduce everything to money as though it were the only goal in life..etc.  I can always refer you to stoics from ancient Greece and Rome who said the same thing 2400 years ago. You can then read a few books by Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca, You can then write your own self-help/motivation book and get the jump on the competition with all the SEO skills you will learn by working with Framedwallart.ie or know already and start selling it as a sideline.

You will also get a sub to PRO CHAT GPI  or you can share mine I think.


There will also be contact time boundaries when you work for this company.  I may be Irish but take a very French approach to boundary setting where employees including freelancers cannot be contacted after their work day is over so we will be establishing these boundaries when you start.  I mention this because I have noticed in the past that I have sent out emails late at night not expecting an answer straight away but it is answered immediately even though it might be 3 am where the freelancer is.  ( DO people get out of bed to answer emails or perhaps they are Nocturnal creatures or maybe they are really AI bots that never go to bed at all ) . So, there will be no need for that kind of bullshit.  This is an Irish company.  You finish your work and you are finished for the day and switch off. Far better in the long run.

I will be shortlisting three for the interview.  If you don’t get the job from the interview,  I have a friend who is looking for the same so you will go into his short list of three ( the two who did not get the first job ) plus 1 other. Now, if you don’t get that one either, I will have your contact details if the first does not work out, etc.

you don't have to wait for me to think of new ideas. You just make the job your own and get to the stage where you tell me what you are going to do and I listen and agree and think I am so lucky that you are working for me. ( with me. I meant with me! )

That’s about it. I look forward to hearing from you. 

And If you are reading this in the Ukraine or the West Bank, try and stay strong not that I have a notion of what you might be going through.

Kind Regards, Morgan.


About the role

The rolls is SEO off site optimisation, or back linking.  That is your main job.  You will also assist me with any jobs that you can do for me to get stuff out f my inbox.  You may also be required to fly to Dublin occasionally and attend a exhibitions etc.  All training given.  You just need to bring the right attitude, and I will provide all the training you will need.  I guarantee you will find the job fulfilling and  great fun.  You will also be working in a company that will be proactively incentivizing all employees.  There is absolutely no tolerance, respect only revulsion for  here for any kind of extractive capitalism.  There will be boundaries as well.  The sensible Laws recently introduced by France about contacting employees out of work hours will apply if you want.  This is as far from one of those horrible American companies as you can imagine.     After a year, you can decide whether  you want to stay in the company and get an ownership share or leave and use the skills you have learned somehere else.  You will be responsible for training in your successor as well who will just be a newbie like you are  now.

About you

Proactive,  sharp  and reliable and will just tae ownership of the job and treat it as though they were doing it for their own company which is what they will be doing  anyway, if they stick around.  you just need a good job record and want to learn.

What's in it for you?

you strt on 6 per hour.   rise after three months possibly definately rise after six months,  if you are still around in 12 months - share option deal.

How to apply?

just through this site. thats all.  you can email me if  you want if its aloud but you wont do yourself any favors by calling me.  go through the 13 minutes read and out the code in your reply so I know you have read it.  No code,  I wont be reading it.  First thing that you  have to demonstrate is that you are capapaboe of following directives. 

Picture Framing & Wall Art Solutions Ltd

Opportunity Of a Lifetime – This is a Job You Won’t See Everyday.

Use Critical and Creative Thinking with SEO. All training is given. You al...

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