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Operations Superstar (with ambitions to grow!)

Full Time 650.00 GBP Type: Monthly

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Cofruition is a podcast agency based in Denmark with employees in the UK and freelancers in Europe and East Africa.

We are seeking someone who is enthusiastic, hard-working, highly organised and enjoys problem-solving to do work on overseeing the operations of our company. This fully remote role is a great opportunity for someone to really develop and progress their operations skills and take on more responsibility as we grow.

We have lots of great projects in the pipeline, and you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in everything from building workflows, managing processes and being part of a growing company.

Full support will be provided when you first start working with us, including training in how to do each thing you work on.

About the role

An exciting operations assistant role, with the chance to work on and shape exciting projects, prove your value, learn new skills and make good money. All work is fully remote - so you can work from anywhere.

Initial pay is the GBP equivalent of $800/ month. There are also lots of opportunities for promotion and pay rises as you progress within the company.

We plan to have three levels of Operations support within our company. Broadly speaking:

  • Operations Assistant: oversees and updates existing workflows
  • Operations Associate: builds new workflows
  • Operations Manager: scopes new workflows and trains the rest of the team

At the moment the CEO (me) does the majority of the process building and other team members oversee workflows. Most of our workflows are built in Process.st.

We are seeking to work with someone who can join as Operations Assistant and then quickly progress to being an Associate and perhaps even a Manager.

At the beginning, you will be working directly with me to learn how our processes work, and then also be supporting other members of the team in their work.

If you had been working for us in the last couple of weeks these are a sample of some of the tasks you would have done:

  • Make sure that everyone in our podcast teams has everything they need for this week’s podcast episodes
  • Set up a new job posting in our project hiring system for a new project we’re working on
  • Matched our freelancer invoices with our record of their production to make sure there are no double payments
  • Followed our process for creating promotional videos for one of our client’s podcasts
  • Set up the relevant documents and Google Drive folder structure for a new client
  • Register two new podcasts on our podcast hosting platform
  • Checked, double checked and triple checked every step of a training program for our audio editors to make sure it’s working properly
  • Anything else we needed doing

We work a 30 hour work week and you get two weeks paid holiday every six months.

There will be a 3-month trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other (fully paid of course).

About you

We need someone who is:

  • Extremely organised: there are hundreds of tasks involved in creating high quality podcasts and running a company like ours. You’ll need to be able to manage all of these tasks and make sure nothing gets missed
  • Hard-working: we are focused on doing high quality work. We get a lot done very quickly. You will need to do so as well.
  • Intelligent and good at figuring things out: there are lots of problems to solve when you’re working in operations. You will be expected to try and figure out the options before asking for advice.
  • Good at written and spoken English
  • Available to work at least 6 hours of your working day between 7am and 4:30pm UK time
  • Ideally have 6 months + experience with operations experience (even better if you have experience building/ managing processes in Process.st, using Zapier for automations etc.)
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously - we have fun on our team calls and talk about non-work things

About Us

Cofruition is a professional B2B podcast agency. We help organisations grow their business by removing as much friction as possible in them having a successful podcast. In doing so, we provide enjoyable work to creative people who get to earn a living working on podcasts.

We’re a fun, fast-moving company. We work hard, and we reward our staff well for doing a good job.

We're pretty serious when we're working, but equally, really enjoy talking about “non-work stuff” when we have social calls.

How to apply


  1. Click the apply button and complete the application form.
    1. Selecting the primary role as Operations Assistant and write Operations-Assistant-2022-06 in the Project title field
    2. In your cover letter please explain why you think you’re a great fit for this role and sign off with I look forward to hearing from you. At the bottom of the letter please include a screenshot of the result of you taking this personality test and also of your internet speed (visit Speedtest.net)
  2. The Cofruition hiring team will then be in touch with the next steps which will be to do an assignment that is representative of the work you’ll be doing at the company

I look forward to hearing from you.




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Cofruition is a professional B2B podcast agency. We help organisations grow their business by removing as much friction as possible in them having...

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