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Operations Manager & Social Media Marketer for Entrepreneur Support Program & Visionary Podcast (Learn and Grow with Us!) [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 500.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

Social Media Marketi... Content Marketing Sales Representative Admin Assistant Email Management Research Wordpress Email Support English - speaking English - writing

Fulcrum Ventures helps entrepreneurs and visionaries succeed. We are looking for a permanent part time (at least 25 hours/week) or full time Operations Manager & Social Media Marketer to learn and grow with us and become a key member of our team. 

This person will support Will (our founder) directly and the Fulcrum Ventures team in moving projects forward, and growing our audience through social media marketing. Tasks will include managing outreach, communications, organization and logistics so the Fulcrum Ventures team can focus on their time on their highest value tasks. This role is half operations manager and half social media marketer.

This is either a full time or part time permanent role. Success in this role will come with raises and more responsibility over time. Applicants must be able to work between the hours of 5:30a - 8p MT Colorado Time (Colorado is GMT - 7h during Standard Time, GMT - 6h during Daylight Saving Time)

In addition to monetary compensation you will also benefit from being immersed in the world of coaching and entrepreneurship and learn about creating businesses and finding success through interacting with our customers and founder.   

What's In It For You?: 

  • Work directly and learn from a successful entrepreneur who has raised or helped others raise more than $13M USD in funding to create his businesses
  • Permanent full time or part time role gives you security
  • Room to grow in salary and responsibilities over time
  • Learn more about the future of the world through the Evolving Earth Podcast
  • Learn more about starting and growing a business
  • Help entrepreneurs succeed
  • Mentorship from our team
  • You will be a critical part of our operations, the "front line" person handling customer and clients requests, and managing social media outreach to get our message out to the world. 


Please note, training will be provided for all the tasks below. 


  1. Take the lead on Will’s personal communications, including managing his email. Check and organize Will’s email daily to keep communication with customers, clients and contacts timely and professional. Provide Will with a daily audio briefing and write up for anything he needs to respond to.  

GetFunded Program and Executive Coaching

  1. Manage and organize the GetFunded (www.foundersgetfunded.com) funnel daily. Follow up with GetFunded leads and set up calls with Will or our Entrepreneur Liaison. Correspond with potential customers through email and linkedin and pass them to our Entrepreneur Liaison when appropriate. 

  2. Organize and editorial calendar for GetFunded, work with Will to have the content produced, and post content across all social media channels. 

  3. Complete tasks as assigned in a timely and professional manner to support Will’s coaching clients, such that his clients feel exceptionally well taken care of. 

Evolving Earth Podcast

  1. Identify possible guests for the Evolving Earth show (www.evolvingearthpodcast.com) and manage timely and professional outreach and logistics to book and confirm guests on the show.

  2. Manage timely and high quality production of podcast episodes with our audio editor

  1. Manage effective outreach and social media marketing for each episode so downloads per episode reach 1,000 within 90 days. 

Fulcrum Music

  1. Effectively Promote new releases via social media channels to result in a growing audience and following 

  2. Manage effective outreach to venues, booking agents, and labels and set up calls for Will



The right person will have the following skills and attributes: 

  1. Orientation Towards Learning and Constant Improvement. Oriented towards self-directed learning. You take the lead to learn what you need to know in order to produce a result. 

  2. Excellent Written and Spoken English. Must have the ability to effectively communicate in a professional manner with customers and podcast guests.  

  3. Integrity. Proven ability to do the right thing for long term relationships and long term success. 

  4. Detail Oriented. Ability to keep track of and organize the details of our affairs so things keep moving forward. 

  5. Joyful Spirit. Easy and fun to work with. Can-do attitude. Expectations of creating something grand and succeeding. 

  6. Pre-framing & Positioning. Demonstrated ability to sell or promote products or services in a way that gets people excited. Ability to warm up leads and get them excited about our projects. 

  7. Social Media Marketing. Proven ability to use social media effectively to grow an audience. 

  8. Technologically Literate. Ability to use technology well and learn new technologies quickly


Day to Day Tasks

This is what a common day in this role will look like: 

  1. Start the day by going through Will's email, and any new tasks assigned in Asana.
  2. Provide Will with a daily audio briefing over What's App and also in Asana so he knows about anything that needs his attention today. 
  3. Organize emails and respond to customers, clients and podcast guests to get them scheduled on the show, or scheduled to speak with Will or with our Entrepreneur Liaison about coaching or the GetFunded program
  4. Work through the GetFunded funnel, identifying any leads that need to be communicated with to move them along. 
  5. Check Linkedin to see what new leads have come in, and message them to get them scheduled with Will or with our Entrepreneur Liaison. 
  6. Finalize and post social media content created by Will on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. 
  7. Check the editorial calendar in Asana and schedule the creation of more content with Will so content will be ready for future weeks. 
  8. Work through the Evolving Earth Podcast guest funnel, sending requests to new guests and getting them scheduled on the show
  9. Work with our audio editor to get the next episode of the show ready for publication
  10. Spend time promoting the latest Evolving Earth episode around social media on relevant pages to increase visibility and downloads for the show. 
  11. Send Will and end of day briefing so he's up to date at the end of your work day. 

Tools & Apps

Some of the technologies we use at Fulcrum Ventures: 

  1. Slack for day to day communications
  2. Asana for task management
  3. Google email and calendar for time management
  4. Wordpress for hosting our website
  5. Voxer or What's app for audio messaging
  6. Google docs for keeping track of information and Standard Operating Procedures
  7. LeadConnect and Zapier for lead generation and management 
  8. Active Campaign and Mailchimp for email marketing
  9. Thinkific for delivering the GetFunded course

If this role sounds interesting to you please apply. I’m excited to meet you.

To Apply: 

To apply please call +1 615 608 1738 and leave a voicemail telling me a bit about yourself and why you think this would be a good fit. I’ll get back to you right away. 

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