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Operations Manager for Marketing Company Needed ASAP [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Hello Operations Managers!

My name is Bogdan Chertes and I am the CEO of AdFix Online - a company that focuses on building intelligent marketing strategies for ecommerce companies around the world. Currently we have a team of 6 based in Romania and Malaysia and are looking to double that within the next year.

We are looking for a full-time talented Operations Manager to take over the day-to-day operations and assist with account management while the team grows. The right person to build internal systems, run the team, and create game changing strategies. 

We are looking for an Operational Manager specifically with these requirements:

  • Native (or close-to native) written and spoken English
  • Excellent communication skills (daily/weekly 1-on-1 calls)
  • 2+ Years experience in Operations
  • Experience in business management
  • Experience in a leadership role / leading a team
  • Background in marketing or 2+ years experience with paid ads (Google & FB Ads)
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to manage complex situations

Nice to have:

  • A love of processes/organization and/or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Previous experience using Trello, Slack and/or other organizational/management tools
  • Previous experience in account management/customer support
  • Previous experience in sales

Your responsibility will include (but not limited to):

  • Building internal processes alongside the CEO and existing team
  • Managing the team responsible for the execution of projects/campaigns and KPIs
  • Maintaining and contributing to the improvement of the team
  • Communicating with current clients and assisting with problem solving
  • Assisting in the recruitment process to build out the team
  • Creating and improving onboarding procedures
  • Being responsible for quality assurance

Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Work alongside the CEO to develop your own skill sets and career, whilst also being given lots of autonomy to deliver results in your role.
  • Enjoy the benefits of remote work and/or working from anywhere in the world.
  • Create and execute dynamic and multi layered business strategies.
  • Lead an entire team of professionals.
  • Have the opportunity to grow out the team as the company grows.
  • Have the opportunity to manage an entire business, it’s processes, and be responsible for direct growth.
  • Join yearly company team building. 
  • Receive a yearly bonus and/or salary raise based on performance review.
  • Receive co-working space reimbursement.

What We Do

Here are some resources for you to check out to get a good understanding of our service: 

  1. Our site: http://adfixonline.com
  2. My linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bogdanchertes/

Our hiring process is made up of 5 parts, so please keep in mind that some time will need to be dedicated for a questionnaire, video, skill test, and two 1-on-1 interviews.

If you are interested in working together, please send across this message to start the process: 

“My name is (insert name). I live in (insert current country). I’d like to apply for this position!” 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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