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Online Business Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Email Marketing Setup sales team Project Management Strategic Planning General Manager English - speaking English - writing

About Koda Brands

Do you like to work hard, take massive action, and are driven to achieve results? Are you the one that can take an action plan, roll up your sleeves and get it all done? If so, let’s talk. Koda Brands is a portfolio of growing businesses in the beauty and fashion industries.

Our brands include:

  • Atomic Makeup (atomicmakeup.com)
  • Secret Beauty Club (secretbeautyclub.com)
  • Kapuluan Coconut (kapuluancoconut.com)
  • StartBeauty (startbeauty.com)
  • More Naturals (morenaturals.com)
  • OEUVRES Footwear


Why Work for Koda Brands?

  • We empower people to do their best work
  • We believe a great business starts with great people and we leverage talent across our businesses to drive our strategy, solve complex challenges and adapt to the market 
  • We really do have a fantastic team who are genuinely a pleasure to work with
  • Incredible learning opportunities in building and scaling a series of businesses in a fast-growing industry
  • You will get a competitive salary, paid time off once eligible, and flexible work hours

About the Role

We need someone who is enthusiastic, creative, hard-working, highly organized and with great problem-solving skills to work on a variety of online marketing and management activities. Some of the tasks you may be asked to complete may include setting up email marketing campaigns, reaching out to potential partners, managing the development of new products, assisting with hiring, and communicating with suppliers. This role is perfect for a generalist, as it involves almost all aspects of our businesses.

You will be working directly with the CEO. As an Online Business Manager, you will have a very crucial role – to execute many of the ideas and plans developed by management. We are looking for proactive team members, so some of these plans may be developed by you as well.

At times you may be working side by side on projects with the CEO, when full collaboration is needed, and other times you will be given the reigns to solve problems as you see fit.

Communication is big for us, so we’ll have daily standup meetings and weekly recaps. Aside from that, we will be in constant contact via Slack and video calls.

Knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing is required, but no need to be an expert in any specific field.

This is a very hands-on role. We have a long list of things to do and it will be your responsibility to get it done – either by yourself, with the help of our current team members, or by leading the hire of qualified freelancers.

This is suitable for someone hard-working, with leadership and online business experience.

You’ll be learning a lot. You won’t ever be comfortable just coasting along. This is a demanding role, with tons of support to help you improve your skills.

You will be expected to take responsibility for studying marketing and content creation techniques as you continue to grow into your role daily.

If you had been working for us in the last couple of weeks these are a sample of some of the tasks you would have done:

  • Managing our outreach, social media, content creation, and writing teams (smoothing the lines of communication)
  • Mastering our project management platform and ensuring smooth handoffs as projects move between workers
  • Developing, refining, and improving our project SOPs and checklists
  • Planning our promotional calendars
  • Keeping us ahead of schedule for our myriad campaigns and promotions
  • Organizing training and onboarding materials for our existing team members and future employees
  • Processing payroll so that the team can get paid each week
  • Ordering inventory from suppliers, paying invoices, and managing shipping logistics
  • Reviewing our KPIs and dashboards to keep track of where things are working and where we need to focus the next campaign
  • Assigning tasks to team members and ensuring they are completed successfully
  • Managing the hiring and deploying of new team members as well as internal promotions
  • Managing communication throughout the company with a focus on streamlining and efficiency
  • Keeping the team organized via and ensuring tasks are assigned and updated appropriately

There will be a fully paid 3-month trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other.

About You

We are looking for a real go-getter, someone who loves taking massive action, is driven to achieve results, and won’t stop until it’s all done. We are also looking for someone who is a great communicator, who could possibly have written a way better job description than this one.


  • 3 to 5 years of experience using e-commerce platforms - You need to have familiarity with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify – no need to be an expert. Amazon Seller Central a big plus. We are not looking for technical knowledge, but a clear idea of what the finished product should look like and which team members to assign to tasks.
  • Understanding of internet marketing best practices – Knowing how site changes impact customer acquisition, retention, and growth is a big part of how we work.
  • Excellent written English - You will be supporting our customers and writing to our employees, business partners, and making small modifications to our websites, so excellent written English skills are essential.
  • High attention to detail - With direction, you will have significant autonomy to write and post information online to our website, social media channels, and to our customers directly. You must have excellent attention to detail and the ability to accurately proofread your own work.
  • Experience with online content creation - We use a variety of systems including to create content for our different businesses, so you need experience and familiarity with these or similar tools.
  • Project management experience – You will be taking the lead with our many ClickUp boards and we will expect you to streamline project flows, update tasks based on communication with our team members and overall improving the flow or our entire business.
  • Comfortable managing teams – There are simply too many employees and active projects for me to manage everything on my own.  You will need to keep track of what everyone is working on and adjust course as new projects come through the door to ensure that we are working on tasks in the most profitable and efficient order.  Dealing with workers located in time zones around the world is a big part of your position.
  • Able to learn new software tools and systems quickly - We use a variety of systems including ClickUp, Slack, Zapier, Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress, Gmail, and others so you’ll need to be willing and able to learn new systems through a variety of self-taught methods on your own time.  We will provide access to high-end training courses that you can study outside of work hours.
  • Intelligent, self-motivated, highly organized, and confident in asking questions - You’ll be working remotely with communication across a variety of channels and task management through Slack and other online tools so we need to be sure that you ask questions if you are not sure of what to do and that you can be self-motivated and able to organize multiple streams of work effectively. That being said you will be expected to try and figure out the options before asking for advice.
  • Extremely organized – there are lots of different things you’ll be involved in and all need to be prioritized, managed, and completed accurately, effectively, and on time.
  • Hard-working – we don’t mess around here. We get a lot done very quickly. You will need to as well.


  • Ideally have at least 6 months of experience with marketing systems (including any of Facebook Ads, landing pages, email marketing, etc.)
  • Ideally, have experience with HR or hiring processes, sourcing, and filtering candidates for roles.


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