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Marketing Tech Analyst [CLOSED]

Part Time 5.00 USD Type: Hourly

This role is a Marketing Tech Analyst who will work across 2 separate businesses: Bobsled Marketing (a marketing agency) and I Like That Lamp (consumer e-commerce brand). It’s expected that you’ll spend 30 hours a week in this position, with your time split between the 2 companies.

You’ll report to the Owner, but work closely with other members of the team and be available to “pitch in” on team projects where needed.

Key duties:

*Note: Here are the duties you'd be expected to be doing after 3-6 months in the position. Training in all these areas will be provided if you are not familiar with them*

  1. Tracking and reporting key performance metrics related to marketing & sales channels. (website visits, opt-ins, online sales, email subscriber metrics, social media engagement, SEO). Compiling reports and coordinating the the bookkeeper on financial metrics. Identifying trends in the data, in order to work into the marketing and sales strategy of both businesses.

  2. Managing the Content Marketing Strategy. You will be responsible for delivering on the overall content marketing strategy. This will include:

    1. Keyword research & developing topics to cover

    2. Planning, managing, and measuring the effectiveness of a content and promotional calendar.

    3. Coordinating & reviewing the work of a graphic designer, content writers, and video editor to generate new content and re-purpose old content

    4. Uploading & syndicating content on the blog, social media channels, sending out email newsletters

    5. Influencer outreach to secure guest posts and contributions

    6. Linking between blog posts & articles

    7. Analyzing what worked & what didn’t, reporting on trends and opportunities, and updating the content marketing strategy/ SOPs as necessary.

  3. Lead coordination. Assist with identifying, tracking and nurturing sales leads & opportunities for Bobsled Marketing.

  4. Identify and execute new growth strategies. You’ll keep a pulse on new marketing techniques, platforms, and trends.

  5. Creating and updating SOPs. Standard Operating Procedures are a core part of both businesses, and you’ll be responsible for maintaining SOPs related to marketing, sales, and promotional activities.

  6. Planning, implementing and reporting on paid traffic (ads). This will likely include Google Shopping (PLAs), Facebook ads, Youtube, Amazon Sponsored Products.

Skills required:

  1. Excellent Written English Skills, necessary for you to make corrections to content, manage communications with customers, communicating with team members, and reaching out to influential people in the industry

  2. Experience with online marketing, like managing email lists, keyword research and SEO, social media, paid traffic/ads

  3. Experience with marketing analysis. For example, tracking metrics, diving into trends and data from Google Analytics, Mailchimp and other tools

Character Traits:

  1. Curiosity. You must have a curious mind and always be asking “why”. Why did this work, but that didn’t? And be eager to use this feedback loop to keep improving your work.

  2. Team-Player. Together we can accomplish more than we would be able to do alone! You should thrive in a team environment, and know how to get what you need while still being tactful and respectful.

  3. Be “A Numbers Person”. You should be able to spot trends, problems, and opportunities in data.

What we offer you

  • The ability to work flexible hours. You must be available during 9AM - 12PM EST during the week for team meetings, training, etc. But you can complete the rest of your work at a time that suits you. Some weeks might require more work than others, so I ask for some flexibility from you there.

  • Training. You will learn how to be an excellent Marketing Analyst.
  • A high-growth environment in the exciting world of e-commerce. Both companies harness the ever-growing Amazon platform to sell products, and we’re always testing out new ideas and ways to grow sales. You get to be part of our marketing experiments!

  • An engaged team environment. Bobsled Marketing has a core team of 6 people who work closely together on the Slack app. We meet over skype every 2 weeks. Everyone on the team is super-smart, helpful, and focused on doing great work!

Bobsled Marketing LLC

Bobsled Marketing is an Agency which helps brands to launch their products on Amazon. 

Our clients include companies that make drones, slee...

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