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Marketing Lead - including Social Media, Copywriting, Link Building

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Social Media Marketi... Facebook ads Email Marketing SEO Copywriting Research Social Media support... Blogging English - writing

We're looking for someone to be our marketing lead here at CanSpace. Duties will include managing our social media presence, content writing for our blog, link building, and coming up with creative and innovative advertising campaigns, as well as other generic marketing and SEO-related tasks. 

Applicants should have *stellar* english, and be able to provide examples of writing they have previously done. Applications should also have experience managing social media accounts, as well as managing ad campaigns. Experience with Wordpress and graphic design is also a bonus, as well as web development skills (although this is not a requirement).

Applicants should be responsible, punctual, and able to perform tasks with a minimum of supervision. As you will be leading our marketing effort, we are looking for someone who has experience with advertising, and is an overall creative person.

This is a full time job and we expect applications to not be engaged in any other projects. Salary negotiable depending on experience level. We are looking for someone to work roughly 9AM-5PM EST, but this can be flexible.

Applicants: 17

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