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Looking For 2 Project Managers to Join our team! [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Hi there! I'm looking for an AWESOME Project Manager to join my team:


- Flawless English so you can communicate with clients (both on calls, written and spoken).
- Experience with digital marketing agency work.
- Won’t be easily offended.
- Go-getter attitude.
- No drama, no complaints. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
- Familiarity with Click Funnels, Active Campaign, etc.
- Extremely reliable.
- Ideally has some experience in direct response marketing
- Positive, no excuse attitude.
- Problem solver, creative.
- Can think on your feet.
- Flexible, adaptable, open-minded.
- If you want to learn about marketing, advertising, ads, and communicating with a global team, this position is for you!

ABOUT ME (Hernan):

  • I own a digital marketing and advertising agency. Search for my name on YouTube, Google, or Instagram and you'll find me :)
  • I move very fast & expect the people I work with to be the same way.
  • I am very loyal to my employees & treat them with respect.
  • I give bonuses for doing a good job (If I make money you should be rewarded for that).
  • I own 3 American (U.S.) Companies and help clients across the globe.


  • You will be responsible for planning, overseeing, and leading projects from ideation through to completion
  • Ensuring projects meet deadlines
  • Optimizing and improving processes and the overall approach where necessary
  • Be creative and a problem solver.
  • I don't track hours but I do expect an excellent output as a part-time position.


  • Will pay bi-weekly
  • We pay bonuses for great work
  • Can be a full-time position
  • We give pay increases based on performance
  • Every month you work, you earn 1 personal day which can be used as sick days or vacation days (12 Days per Year)
  • These are the paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Independence Day, All Saints Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve (7 Days)
  • I'm also flexible when it comes to familiar issues, or if you need a day off here and there to study, I'm good with that.


  • Use the system on this website. Send me a message with the subject "I'm Your Rockstar Project Manager" and tell me why you think you should be considered.
  • Bonus: Record yourself speaking in front of a camera/cellphone for 2 minutes and upload it to your drive and share a link with me
  • Attach your resumé and any information that you think I should consider.
  • Tell me how much do you want to earn for a part-time position.
  • Any partial applications (no subject, no video, no resumé, or no pretended salary) will not be considered.

Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hernan Vazquez Media LLC

We are a marketing consulting firm with a global team. We focus on running advertising campaigns for clients and we're also involved in develop...

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