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Leader of (wo)men wanted: Lead Developer for awesome startup (ReactJS, GraphQL, PHP) – long term [CLOSED]

Full Time 2500.00 USD Type: Monthly

HTML5 Javascript Advanced... PHP Laravel Project Management Software Development...

Our Mission:
We are looking for somebody that loves our mission and wants to join us make this happen!

Kyvians (the people using / working on Kyvio) believe we are at the start of a global shift from a knowledge economy to an entrepreneurial economy. We want to facilitate and accelerate this process as we strongly believe that in the next 5 – 10 years the world will change massively mostly powered by AI. Millions of people will lose their jobs in the lower and higher sectors of the economy due to robot and AI replacement (it is already happening!). The only solution to keep the world running is to switch to an entrepreneurial economy model where abundance mindset prevails and the new millionaires are those who help a million people
We do this by offering a platform for people to take what people know and turn that into an online business. The platform offers a funnel builder to sell your products and/or services, membership site builder, email marketing and more.

In short easy-to-use smart marketing automation platform for everybody w/o technical distractions to focus on their own super-powers.

Would you like to work in a remote distributed multi-cult team? We use Asana and a Kanban approach to manage the project and the code is hosted on Gitlab, we have a full deployment system via GO.CD deployment pipelines.

We are easy going but with a great work ethic and (most importantly) get shit done when the pressure is on.
Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? We will, of course, respect your local holidays and you get to decide your own hours and decide what you wear while working :)

Sounds good? Then keep reading!

This is just 100% you! - We Love Personality!
- You are a leader of developers
- You are very organized, and you can organize other people
- You love to make your dev team better and teach them to become better devs
- You see the big picture and you can decide which tasks have priority to best serve and manage our user’s expectations
- (code) quality is a personal mission for you
- Attention to detail, down to every ‘;’
- Analytical mind that can turn every idea into a cleanly coded feature
- You are reliable, proactive and you can focus on the task at hand and be able to meet deadlines
- You are fluent in English and can communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly
- You have a stable high-speed internet connection, can work from home (or your office / co-working, etc.) without distractions and be available for calls (zoom)
- Love for your craft

These are the skills we are looking for:
- At least 8 years of PHP experience
- Laravel master
- Master of GIT, a big part of your responsibility will be merging GIT PR’s, creating RC’s and properly releasing that to production
- Proper JS knowledge (parts of our software is a JS powered drag&drop WYSIWYG editor)
- Lead developer experience, this means you will be 70% managing / planning and 30% developing.
- Managing other developers
- setting up and maintaining code quality processes (code reviewing is a very important part of your job)
- Kanban (agile) management
- High attention to security!

Any of these skills make you rocket to the top of the list:
- Docker experience
- CI / CD implementation experience
- MicroService architecture experience
- Big data experience
- Data Modelling knowledge
- PhalconPHP framework experience

We work in bi-weekly sprints to protect our developers from constantly changing requirements. So when a sprint is planned a dev knows what to do for the next week or 2 weeks.

About us - Kyvio
Kyvio.com is a bootstrapped start-up company led by 2 digital nomad founders. Kyvio has +/- 20 people working on it from which 7 devs and 2 testers (and 2 devops).

How to apply?
Please rate yourself from 0 to 10 (where 10 is super duper awesome, 0 is I have no idea, 1 is no experience) for each of the mentioned skills above (please also include the extra skills).

And tell us why you feel you are perfect for this position, also definitely expand on your Project management and lead dev experience. Also be sure to mention any extra skill & experience you might have that you think are relevant. Bonus skills are highly appreciated!

The salary is negotiable based on your skill set and experience but in the range of $2400 - $2800 per month depending on your experience and skills.

We have a bonus and salary increase plan based on your own performance and most of all that of the company. We are a startup working hard to fulfill a vision (ask me about it in the interview!) and we want all our staff to grow financially WITH us. So if company earns more so will you!

We love ambition so if you want to improve your skills we offer you the room to do so and grow in the company.
Now - go on and apply already! :)

Neil & Steven

P.S. People who don't pay proper attention to this post and can't follow instructions to apply will be ignored instantly.


Kyvio’s mission is to provide SME’s & marketing agencies that care about more than just the bottom line with an easy-to-use behavioral marke...

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