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Junior Project Manager Needed for a Web Design Company [CLOSED]

Full Time 5.00 USD Type: Hourly

Hey there JobRackers!

Our company is expanding again and we’re looking to hire another Junior Project Manager to join us. This would be a remote job for you where you'd join a team that spans across many time zones and countries (USA, Belgium, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Vietnam, Philippines)

** These are the things you’d be rated on as a Junior Project Manager:

  • Managing the launch of five (5) new customer sites per month
  • Receive an overall rating of 95% for Customer Satisfaction by the clients whose sites you are managing.

** These are the list of competencies you’d need to be successful in this job:

  • Adequate knowledge of Wordpress
  • Extremely good command of written English
  • Fluency in spoken English (Native English speaker or C2 Level required)
  • Strong ability to collaborate with other team members, vendors, and contractors
  • Have a good understanding of technical and web-based technologies
  • Gets along amazingly well with the rest of our team members, in and out of the (virtual) office
  • You’re more of a collaborative type of person than a competitive one
  • People around you find you up-beat and a positive person :)

** As a Project Manager...

You would be the main interface between new customer of ours and the rest of our staff. You would manage the launch of their new website by working with our team members and contractors. The "buck stops with you” and you have the ability of making the client’s new website the thing they’ve always dreamed of having. :)

All our clients are based in the United States, which is why we have a strong requirement to have a superior knowledge and command of English, and why you must be available to work during US time zone. (GMT -6)

All our new sites are built in Wordpress, so having adequate knowledge will be essential. You do not need to do any actual HTML coding or programming since we have our own heavily-customized version of Wordpress and a small team of developers to make tweaks. However, having a good understanding of how Wordpress works is necessary.

You would need to communicate with each client via phone and email to assist with the collection of files and photos, and be the “Customer Advocate” in ensuring the website is built to meet their needs and expectations. Most of our clients are not very technical or web-savvy and therefore things need to be explained to them in a non-technical way.

** As a Project Manager, these are things you would NOT be doing…

  • You would not be doing sales, or any sales-related activities
  • You would not be doing coding or programming activities
  • You would not be doing graphic designing

** What we are looking for in addition to what is listed above

  • Somebody who will work 30+ hrs a week as a junior project manager during US time zone (GMT -6)
  • Comfortable talking on the phone with customers
  • People who are kind, polite and who are just pleasant to be around.
  • Fluency in English is a requirement. Having a great American accent is a plus. (or Canadian!). Bonus points if you can do a Wisconsin accent. (just kidding!)

** Pay Wage

  • You would start at $600 USD/month for 30 hours of work each week. ($5.00/hr)
  • After the first 120 hrs of probationary period (basically after the first month at 30 hrs/wk), the pay would jump to $720 USD/mo ($6.00)
  • Eligible for our annual Christmas bonus
  • Eligible to attend company paid team retreats in various locations (Nis & Belgrade, Serbia; Bucharest & Brasov, Romania; Zurich, Switzerland, Manila, Philippines)


HeyGov is a new government technology startup in Wisconsin, USA that has backing from America's top municipal web agency (Town Web). HeyGov is sha...

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