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Java/C++/.Net/PHP Enterprise Software Developer for exciting and growing Start-Up! [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 15.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

Job Title

Java/C++/.Net/PHP  Enterprise Software Developer


We are looking for an experienced developer to work on our SaaS application. Someone with experience in working with Enterprise/Professional software development projects is ideal. We are not looking for a website developer.

You will be joining a Startup and so you’ll have an opportunity to really shine. If you are good at what you do and you want to enter an business as it starts to grow and become a leader, this is the job for you. You will be given a lot of responsibility over time and as the business grows, so will your compensation and rewards.


Full Time

Required Skills

  • Experience with building applications and enterprise software.

  • Development tasks will include high-level software design and implementation. Experience solely of building websites is not sufficient. Expertise required includes:

    • Planning, architecture and design of software systems.

    • Adaptation of design and application towards low-tech, restrictive web hosting environments.

    • Experience with highly structured languages including C++, Java. A working knowledge of WordPress/PHP is a definite benefit

    • Day-to-day coding/work will be in PHP, but in a highly structured system.

    • Robust UI - CSS/Javascript implementation (UI design skills are not required)

  • Experience and familiarity with modern code design principles, such as a IoC, DI,

  • When applying for this position, applicants must review our WordPress plugin (https://github.com/FernleafSystems/Shield) and suggest at least 1 significant coding improvement and explain reasons why. More than 1 suggestion is recommended

  • GIT version control, 

  • Good English reading/writing.


Minimum 2~3hrs overlap with Europe GMT+0, 9-5

Reporting and Accountability

A report will be provided at the end of every day.

The report will:

  • Take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete and would ideally be updated throughout the day.

  • Include: all tasks that have been engaged with - i.e. started, completed, committed, handed-off or delegated

  • Include: a full list of all challenges and problems encountered and estimated time spent to solve them on your own.

    • If a problem (not a task) took more than 20 minutes to solve, was help sought?  If so, how?  If not, why not?

    • If the problem was solved on your own, was it documented?  If it wasn’t documented, why not?

  • Include: descriptions of particular needs you have for further training. Please list any areas that you don’t understand and need further clarification.

    • Product knowledge gaps are expected.

    • Failure to overcome these gaps is not acceptable. Steps must always be taken to resolve any blocks to progress. We will work closely with you to resolve problems or blockages, but you must communicate with the team.

Important: Also outline the top 3-5 tasks planned for the following day, in priority order.


  • Hourly Salary: $15

  • Paid 25-28th of each month

  • Paid directly into bank account - you will need your international BIC or SWIFT bank account code prepared.

Salary will be reviewed at minimum every 12 months… but may be reviewed more often based on performance.

Daily Tasks

  1. Development will be based on the priority tasks as represented in the development tracking tool. You will work with other developers to plan and execute the priority tasks.
    As a senior developer you will be required to architect and solve problems as befits your experience.

  2. Complete the daily report.

Finally a daily report as outlined in the Daily Reporting section.

Weekly Tasks

As well as a daily reporting, and short weekly report on your progress in requested. This will need to include:

  • Details of ongoing and repeated challenges that you need more help with, that you feel is preventing you from doing your best work.

  • What you feel is your biggest achievement of the week.

  • What you feel you could have improved or done better during the week and how you will improve this for next week

  • A total of hours worked for the week.

  • A full description of tasks planned for the following week.


Security is a top priority - please do not underestimate this.

Use of the LastPass Password Manager is required. Credentials for any systems must never stored on your local computer or in any plain text files.

A full antivirus scan must be performed on your computer and a report sent to us to show that an active anti-virus programme is running, databases are up-to-date, and the machine is clean.

VeraCrypt is software for the creation of encrypted disks. Use of this will be demonstrated to you, and you will be expected to use this for storing all and any data relating to your work. It would be very beneficial to familiarise yourself with this software

Quarterly/Monthly Tasks

There are no specified monthly tasks required at the moment.

Stretch Tasks

There is huge potential to grow with us as the business itself grows. Team members who put in the extra special effort to please customers, show initiative and a willingness to really help and do their best work will be recognised.

We’re looking for people who are inspired to work hard and all their effort into creating something that helps our customers. Evidence of this will be rewarded with further responsibilities and more compensation.

If you want to find an easy job that you can sit quietly and not really try, this isn’t for you. Your efforts, work quality, and motivations will become obvious over time. You have a big opportunity to excel and we hope that you do.

There are no particular stretch tasks to detail now, but they will become obvious as we grow further and your willingness to tackle problems and create great solutions will be important.

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