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[iOS / Android / Hybrid] Language Learning Application! Come Make Cool Things! [CLOSED]

Full Time

The Problem to Be Solved

There is no good process for going from "new word in a new language" to "dictionary" to "flashcard" to "brain".

Right now you find content on a website or in a book, look it up in a dictionary, and if you’re lucky the dictionary will pronounce it for you. Then you have to decide what type of flashcard to make, what to put on it, how often to quiz yourself on it, and how to quiz yourself on it. There is not one good top-to-bottom solution, and the closest solution (LingQ) is expensive with a crappy demo.

Intended Audience

Our primary client is a large multinational organization with over 70,000 employees in over 400 offices across the globe. Each office is staffed with a majority of Americans who have basic skills in the local language. This application is intended to help the roughly 120 people in each office go from intermediate speaker to advanced speaker. The company provides each employee with a smartphone.

Core Functionality

The main feature of this application is for users to be able to read a text in their target language, tap on a word, find the definition of that word, and add it to their personal word list.

We need assistance in building the first version of the mobile application which should enable users to:

  • Read pre-defined texts from a database.
  • Tap on words and look up the definitions in a dictionary.
  • Create lists of words, both from the dictionary and from the words encountered in texts.
  • Use text to speech to pronounce words.
  • Record the user's voice when pronouncing words and sentences, and play it back to the user.
  • Review word lists as a set of flash cards, rating the confidence a user has on recall according to the SM2 Supermemo algorithm.
  • Search the included dictionary.

There should also be an administrative interface on the internet that allows someone to:

  • Add new texts.
  • Add new languages.
  • Add new dictionaries.

There are other features, but this is where we want to begin.

Timeline and Funding

The timeline for this project is very flexible. This project is fully funded. Our primary concern is quality.

Other Requirements

We *think* we want to do this in React Native. That is *not* a requirement. We can do it in a language you feel comfortable as long as the app works both on Android and iOS. Our team has 10 years of experience launching apps for iOS and 8 years of experience launching apps for Android, both as native apps. This is our first adventure trying to do something hybrid, which is where you come in.

We are not sure what we want the back end to be in, but as long as it's a standard, well supported, well documented, and cleanly written, we're good!

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