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HTML5 - Bootstrap - CSS3 Magician Wanted - Full time - bi-weekly Pay - long term [CLOSED]

Full Time 8.00 USD Type: Hourly

NOTE: Before applying make sure to read the WHOLE application carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Applicants who don't follow the outlined instructions will be ignored

Imagine yourself working for a cool online company (+/- 15 great team members) creating new cutting edge products on the web....
We share ideas and new programming techniques via Glip (similar to slack) with constant communication, we are easy going but with a great work ethic and get shit done when the pressure is on.

Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? Get attractive bonuses based on your work results, and of course we will respect your local holidays.. Then keep reading!

Please carefully read the following profile and if it is a perfect fit for you follow the instructions at the bottom to apply.

This is just 100% you! - We Love Personality!

  • Attention to detail, and I mean pixel detail!
  • A flair for design (interpret mockups and convert it to html based on templates or freehand)
  • You are reliable, proactive and you can focus on the task at hand and able to meet deadlines
  • You speak, read and write good English and communicate clearly
  • You have a stable high speed internet connection, and can work from home (or your office / co-working etc) without distractions and have Skype
  • Love for your craft

Then the awesome skills we are looking for:

  • A bootstrap master
    I don't mean 'yeah I know bootstrap' - every developer does.. you must MASTER it.
  • MOBILE FIRST responsive code using bootstrap; and I mean 100% responsive not like 90% responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Slice PSD's and convert them into fast loading html templates / pages
  • Optimize your CSS - don't include unused selectors
  • Optimize images so they load quickly
  • Basic Javascript / jQuery
    For sliders, menu's, create user friendly interfaces etc
  • Know basic GIT
    To be able to work with the GIT repo to push your HTML/css/js files

About us - KVSocial
As mentioned before we are a successful company of 16 (+1?) people focusing on web applications and SaaS products with an all remote team. We believe in freedom and working from any location you want and you get to choose your work hours (though we do need you in some meetings).

The company has been around for 3+ years and has been profitable from year 1. We have launched various softwares and websites (like this site Jobrack.eu) and gained tens of thousands of customers in the process.

The team is run by a CEO and CTO, both of them are Digital Nomads working from different spots in the world!

We don't have a formal culture and you can talk to anybody in the team including the CEO and CTO in a normal matter and we don't care if you show up to work in your pyjamas, shorts or a suit :). Also if you have digital nomad ambitions we'll be happy to help out with that...

We look for dedication and professionalism while giving you full creative freedom. We all contribute immensely to the success of our company and all employees are an integral part to our success. We want people who believe in our product as much as we do and in return we give you the flexibility to work in your most motivating environment.

We love our multi-cultural company and the fact we have people from all over the world working on creating the best products to give our customers.

Instructions to Apply:
Please start your application with the phrase 'HTML5 is awesome'

Then rate yourself from 1 to 10 (where 10 is super duper awesome) as to the following skills / platforms:
Javascript (native):
Eye for good design:

Knowing how to work with front-end frameworks like VueJS, ReactJS is a huge extra for the future. So please mention it if you do!
Also be sure to mention any extra skill & experience you might have that you think are relevant.

Negotiable based on your experience but in the 6 - 10 USD range.

We pay per hour, and we are looking for PART TIME to start. This position can grow into a full time position (we hope it does!)

Also based on your performance you can also receive bonuses. As long as KVSocial's success further grows your salary will keep growing as well!

We love ambition so if you want to improve your skills we offer you the room to do so and grow in the company.


P.s. still reading? Apply already! :)

P.s.s. People who don't pay proper attention to this post and can't follow instructions to apply will be ignored instantly.. Like we said we need people with attention for details.


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