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Hiring Financial Analyst - Research, Data Collection [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 900.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

Mysql / MariaDB Research Financial Analysis

TradingHours.com is hiring a full-time financial analyst to join our team. TradingHours.com is the #1 source on the web for aggregated data on market hours and trading holidays. Our customers include the biggest names in finance.

Job description and responsibilities:

Your job will be to collect, investigate and analyze information and data related to financial markets aroud the world. You'll be responsible for monitoring daily news, making updates and corrections to our core database, and adding new data as it comes available. You will study the regulations and business practices of the assigned markets. In some cases you will have to reach out to stock exchanges and build connections in order to find the data you are looking for. 

This job is fully remote. You should be a motivated, self-starter who can take initiative to get things done. You will need to work indepenently while maintaining a very high level of accuracy and consistancy. 

Required Skills:

  • Strong web research ability (You can find any information on the web. If it's not on the web, you'll find a way to get it by sending emails or making phone calls)
  • Solid understanding of financal markets and trading practices
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Perfectionist. You are dilligent, careful, and precise.

Nice to Have:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience with MySQL or other databases
  • Experience with PHP / Laravel
  • Experience with any programming language.

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