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Hacker/Programmer for eCommere Business [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 1000.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

HTML5 Javascript basics (u... PHP C

About us as a company:


We run multiple e-commerce stores using Shopify in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and the US. (e.g. www.naturespeak.co)

We are expanding our business and are looking for your expertise to help us achieve that efficiently.

In the beginning we are looking for you to work for us in part time and with the time we would look forward to hiring you in full time.


Here is a brief overview of some skills/experience you should have:

  • Knowledge in using SQL injection to gather data from foreign websites 
  • You should be able to take websites/online shops down, which copy us
  • You should be able to place custom javascript code/snippets on foreign websites for us
  • Knowledge and Experience in working with APIs -> Examples: Integration of payment providers on our online shops, building custom apps for our suppliers, Automate certain tasks by integrating other Programs with out online bookkeeping Program, by using their API
  • Knowledge in JavaScript -> Writing scripts for our stores, writing google app scripts, writing scripts to automate certain tasks and processes in our business
  • Knowledge in HTML and CSS -> customising our websites. You should have an eye for what looks good and what makes sense in terms of the user experience


Not necessary but advantageous:

  • Familiarity with Shopify as a platform and its template language “Liquid”, which is written in RUBY
  • Knowledge in PageSpeed Optimisation


Very important:

You should think outside of the box and you shouldn’t have an aversion to using black hat techniques.


Your Advantages:

• You have the freedom to work wherever you want

• Flexible working times

• Opportunity to earn more over time (after 3 months when the test period is over)

• You will gain a lot of experience in eCommerce and Social Media Marketing


Our values:

1. If something has to be done, it has do be done! Results are priority!

2. We are open. If there is a problem, we tell each other. If we have an idea, we discuss. If we learned something new, we document!


How to apply:

Please apply with the Hashtag #strategic at the end of your application so I know you have read the full description!

Please include your former jobs/experience and the salary you earned in them and your work availability time.

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