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Graphic Designer and Coordinator [CLOSED]

Full Time 1500.00 - 2000.00 GBP Type: Monthly

Adobe Photoshop (Gra... Adobe Illustrator

Job description

We are looking for a passionate and creative graphic designer. As you can tell by the poor graphic above, we are looking for a graphic designer to put a creative touch on our graphics.

Forgeway is an industrial adhesive manufacturer looking to own the digital and marketing space in the adhesive industry. Our aim is to create content that educates our buyers on all things adhesives.

Adhesives are complicated and difficult to understand. Our job is to make this topic as simple as possible. We need a graphic designer who understands the importance of simplicity but high quality.

The graphic designer will be responsible for:

  • Graphics
  • Iconography
  • Brochures
  • Marketing collateral (product leaflets, sales cards)

What does the role include?

As part of the graphic designer role, there are a few things the role will include.

Firstly, you will work with the marketing team to discuss ideas. Then, you will take those ideas and own the creation process of those graphics. We want the designer to take ownership of the work they create. You will become the trusted member to get the graphic work done.

You will meet with the marketing manager daily to discuss the plan of action for the day. Every week, you will meet with the sales and marketing team to go over the key numbers of the departments and to give an update on your department.

What benefits do you get?

We aren't just looking for someone to fill the position. We want someone who can grow into the role and become a key part of the organisation. Your career progression and training matter to us. Should you ever leave, you will be a better person than when you joined. That's our aim.

Some of the key benefits of the role include:

  • Earning £1500 - £2000 per month
  • Full time
  • Fully remote
  • Training
  • 12 days paid holiday
  • Opportunity for progression (more money and responsibility within the company)
  • Opportunity to own the entire branding and imagery of Forgeway

What are the requirements for the role?

In order to become the graphic designer at Forgeway, there are a few requirements you need to have:

  • Experience with appropriate software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe illustrator)
  • Can-do positive attitude is essential
  • Creative vision

Apart from these requirements, we will judge the applicant based on their attitude to work and their quality of work.

How should you apply for the role?

If you have read the description so far and think you fit the position, go ahead and apply!

When applying, make sure you remember to:

  • Provide a description about yourself and your experience (Something like a CV)
  • Provide examples of your work

You will get extra bonus points if:

  • You explain the story behind the graphic you supplied
  • You send in a video to describe why you think you’d be a good fit

Once we have reviewed your application, we will let you know if you meet the requirements for the job.

The next step (if successful) will be for you to complete a graphic task for us. If your graphic is what we are looking for, we will move on to the next step.

After the graphic task, we will have a virtual meeting to ask a bit more about and you can ask questions of us too.

We look forward to your submission and good luck!


Forgeway is an industrial adhesive manufacturer based in the UK. We aren't the biggest adhesive manufacturer but we are the most educational. The c...

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