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FOR IMMEDIATE HIRE: Virtual Assistant ::: Weekly Pay + Performance Bonuses + 13th Month Pay + Sick Days + Vacation + Holidays [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

English - speaking English - writing

Apply only if you can follow directions!


FOR IMMEDIATE HIRE: Virtual Assistant ::: Weekly Pay + Performance Bonuses + 13th Month Pay + Sick Days + Vacation + Holidays

Welcome! We are hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to support our rapidly growing company. Please read this job post carefully to ensure you are qualified to do this type of work.


You should be! This is a great opportunity, and we value people who can follow instructions, pay attention to details, and consistently deliver high-quality work.

Does that sound like you? 

If so, then read this entire post, because important points are included in each section.


Very important: this is NOT open to agencies.

If you are an agency, then stop reading now.

This is only open to freelancers and independent workers.

#1 most important personal attribute ->> Attention To Detail

(read on, and you will see why we need a detail-focused person) 

Read this and consider if I am describing you:

  1. Enjoy being part of a team

  2. Can follow instructions to the letter (via video or via typed text)

  3. Honest, disciplined, reliable, and able to consistently work on your own

  4. Problem solver (keen to learn and solve issues and find ways to successfully do assigned tasks)

  5. Excited to learn new skills

  6. Happy to collaborate, and support team members

  7. Able to do online research to find answers, and take action as directed

  8. Interested in long-term employment

  9. Open to performance-based bonuses and/or promotions

  10.  Organized and able to work from a schedule, then work toward specific delivery dates.


We're a US-based company with over seven years of steady growth and success.


The types of work involved depend on the abilities you show while training. This is why it’s so important for you to be able to follow detailed instructions. 


Able to speak English at a level that allows you to participate in meetings with team members and management. We don’t expect flawless or native English. However, your accent should be neutral.

Communication is critical because we will depend on your ability to function as part of our team and rely on your ability to have accurate conversations with our team about our projects.

If you are fully fluent in English, then this is helpful, but not required.

Willing and able to have Slack (typed) and Google Hangout or Zoom (video) meetings, because some of our projects require screen sharing.


Our team members are in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. So, it is a bit of a challenge to find good times for meetings, and we seek your flexibility to join meetings when needed. 


Why we are asking for your assistance?

We need someone who can grow with us.

Overall: We are NOT interested in working with agency employees. So, be aware that we will disqualify anyone found to be an agency employee. 

On a more positive point, we need a freelancer able to do quality work and deliver on-time based on a schedule that we all develop and agree upon. We have a wide variety of programs that can fit your particular skills if you are chosen.


This contract is * NOT * about being "busy" 

This is also * NOT * about having a lot of meetings about plans. 

::: RATHER :::  

This is about delivering services.

This is about finishing projects on time, at the right level of quality, and managing your time effectively every week.



We have tasks for you to do right now. We are ready to hire you and begin to train you on our processes.

Hours per week: 

40 hours

We will pay you while you train

Weekly Pay (you will submit a weekly invoice to us)

A PayPal account is a must

Potential to earn Performance Bonuses for truly great work

AND 13th Month/Christmas Pay Bonus 

PLUS Sick Days + Vacation (at the end of each month you will get 1 paid day that you may use for sick time or vacation time, hence, 12 days earned each year)

and Holidays, 7 paid holidays each year. The following list includes dates for the upcoming year:

Christmas Eve  

Christmas Day 

New Year's Eve 

New Year's Day 

Good Friday and

Independence Day

May Day

Holidays are in addition to vacation days. In total, you will have 19 days off during the year.

How to apply - >>


1. Send email with this * EXACT * Subject Line: 

* Virtual Assistant Job Opening 2020 *

2. In the email, add this info:

Copy and paste your Linkedin profile link and any other social media profile links

3. Send an email to this address: support @ mgyb.co

4. Watch for responses to your email:

If you properly did the initial three steps, then you will receive an email with a reply and further instructions on the hiring process.

Thank you for reading this and good luck!


I look forward to hearing from you.



MGYB - https://mgyb.co


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