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Finance Writer - Flexible, Competitive Salary, work from home or from anywhere in the world! [CLOSED]

Full Time 400.00 EUR Type: Monthly

Creative Writing

Do you have outstanding writing skills and love to write about financial topics? Awesome. CAPIFOX is a new finance site that will focus on explaining money skills to beginner investors and beyond. We are looking for a Finance Writer on a native or near-native proficiency level, who possess an eye for detail and command perfect grammar skills. You have to be able to write idiomatic English that is easy to understand as our readers are just getting started.

We are a team of writers and graphic designers. So our articles will always have two components. Great and easy to understand texts and amazing little graphics that visualize the sometimes very abstract financial concepts.

This fully remote role is an excellent opportunity for someone to develop and progress their skills and take on more responsibility as we grow.

Come and craft for our new startup, and work in our small but growing team of highly ambitious and super-friendly peers.

The Position

We are looking for a full-time Finance Writer. Writer responsibilities include

  • conducting thorough research on industry-related topics,

  • creating new topics and ideas all the time, and

  • editing articles.

The Benefits

  • The starting salary is whatever the median monthly income of a journalist in your country/city is. Please research that on Google. If everything works out after three months, we will talk about a raise. We are looking for someone to start on a freelance basis, working 20 hours per week in the first month going into a salary arrangement starting in month two.

  • 20-30 hours per week of work. We only want your best time, not all of your time. We are not a sweatshop. Every team member loves what they do and always delivers the best possible quality as fast as possible, so they can go and have fun with family and friends. Smart work, not hard work.

  • We also believe having a quality sleep is the foundation of everything good that happens in life. You can work at any time of the day you like.

  • Do you want to travel the world while working? Do it! After working 6 months for us, we will support you as well as we can since we are digital nomads ourselves. At least when this whole “situation” finally blows over. We cannot wait to travel again.

  • Excellent growth and advancement opportunities. We are still new, so there will be new positions all the time. Come and build a fantastic career.

  • Once a year, we will meet for a week somewhere in the world (if no dang virus prohibits this). Travel expenses and lodging paid, of course.

Your application

If you think this job is for you, we will need a test article written by you. One page or 500 words only to get a feel of your style. We will let you know the topic and all the details on request. There is a fully fleshed-out briefing waiting. The resulting article will not be published. We are not looking for cheap ways to get our hands on free articles. It is solely for us to see where your skill level is and if you would be a good fit.

Please show us a maximum of three of your current articles. Ideally in the finance space and tell us which one you are proud of the most.

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