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Facebook Ads Manager at Remote Ad Agency for Digital Products [CLOSED]

Part Time Negotiable

Facebook ads

At Major Impact Media we are a small agency that works with online experts, coaches, consultants, and service providers to sell their high ticket programs and courses through paid ads.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies over the years – from business coaches to international personal development gurus – to create advertising campaigns that have acquired thousands of customers and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

And right now we’re looking for the next rock star to join our remote digital marketing team!

What You Will Be Doing

As a Facebook ad media buyer, your role is to make sure that our clients are hitting their goals every month. That includes:


As an experienced media buyer you already know so much of the success of our clients comes down to the strategy we are developing and improving over time.

You will take the lead on creating and leading the strategy inside the accounts you work on while working with our team of accounts managers, copywriters and designers to keep improving the results we get for our clients.


As the lead media buyer you will be in charge of executing inside ad accounts. That means setting up new campaigns, new tests, analyzing what’s happening inside accounts and creating reports for the team.

Making sure everything is done right requires extreme attention to detail and the ability to maintain a high level of quality when there is a lot going on between all our clients.


At the end of the day, you will be the one responsible for making sure our clients are hitting the KPIs we agree on inside the account. You will have a ton of support and resources from our team but we will be looking for you to become the expert and take ownership of what’s happening inside the ad account.

This is not for someone who wants to be a “lone wolf media buyer.” We set big goals for our clients and we all work together as a team daily to make sure we are hitting those goals and growing together.

In return we invest heavily in our team members. You will have access to unlimited training and professional coaching from experienced media buyers.

We will even pay you to go through training to improve your skills in marketing, advertising, copywriting, and professional development.

We can guarantee you will leave this company as a stronger, more skilled marketer & individual than when you started.

What Success Looks Like

If you had been working for us last month these are a sample of the tasks you would have done:

  • Launching new campaigns inside of Facebook for a new high ticket offer we are promoting.
  • Creating a strategy to test a new ad copy angle for a client to see if it outperforms the current control ad.
  • Doing audience research and launching new audience tests for a campaign that is running for a client.
  • Creating the rollout strategy for a brand new client that has an evergreen webinar funnel and an online course that sells for $997.
  • Launching new creatives inside an active campaign that is experiencing creative fatigue.
  • Setting up tracking on a new sales call funnel using Google Tag Manager to track results with the Facebook Pixel and in Google Analytics.
  • Setting up Hyros as a third-party tracking platform so we use that platform to better optimize a sales call funnel.
  • Developing a new strategy to help bring down the cost per lead in an account that has slowly moved outside of KPI.
  • Reviewing a client’s organic content on social media and their website to look for new hooks & angles for ad copy and for content that we can promote to nurture their warm audience.
  • Updating client’s audiences inside of Facebook to make sure anyone who is watching and engaging with their organic video content is being retargeted, as well as downloading and uploading .csv files from the CRM to make sure we are retargeting all warm leads.
  • Writing a monthly summary report for how an account is performing, what are the best ads and audiences this month, what tests won, and what tests failed.

Who We Are Looking For

  • You Already Know What You Are Doing: You have experience working inside FB Ad accounts and you are ready to lead the strategy, execution, and communication for multiple clients for companies spending between $3,000 - $30,000 per month.
  • Experience In Digital Product / Info Space: You should have experience working with the different funnels and strategies like webinars funnels, high ticket offers, sales call funnels, self liquidating offers and the other types of campaigns that are common to sell digital products with Facebook ads.
  • Driven Towards Excellence: There are a lot of paid advertising teams out there that set up an account and check it once a month. We’re not one of those teams. We are a performance drive team and we strive to get the absolute best results for our clients.
  • Analytical & Data Driven: We track everything using Google Tag Manager, UTM codes and 3rd party platforms. We want to know the answer to questions like: “what was the highest converting copy we ran last month for this campaign?” or “Where are people falling off on this webinar?” If you don’t know how to track and measure that kind of detail, this probably isn’t the best fit for you.
  • Extremely Organized and High Attention to Detail: There are dozens of moving pieces in launching a successful campaign. You need to be able to balance your focus between the technical aspects of managing client accounts, doing research to keep up to date with what’s working now on the ad platforms, making time to come up with creative ideas to improve campaign performance, and creating content to share what’s working with the team.
  • Loves Digital Marketing: We are passionate about digital marketing and advertising and you should be too. If you don’t get excited about a new course to dive into, don’t listen to any podcasts, or don’t keep up with the latest news this position isn’t for you.
  • Problem Solver & Critical Thinker: There are constantly new challenges and problems to solve in this line of work. You will be expected to learn how to figure them out and present solutions to the team.
  • Strong Communicator: Working remote does not mean working alone. As a team we work together daily to make sure clients get amazing results with their campaigns. So you need to be able to communicate with everyone. Strong spoken and written English is a must.
  • Able To Work Remote: We are a fully remote team. That means you need to be able to manage your own time, energy and set your own priorities to make sure you are able to get everything done without needing someone to micromanage you or tell you what to do every day.
  • Positive, Friendly & Fun: We are a team of happy people who really enjoy what we do. You know how to make team members and clients feel comfortable and provide them with confidence while we work together to achieve campaign goals.

What We Are All About

We are a fully remote team of marketers, strategists, designers, copywriters and media buyers based all around the world with clients based in the US.

Our clients work with us because they have a high ticket offer, course, or service and our job is to connect them with their next customer online.

We know it takes a great team and great execution to consistently get results and stay on top of all the changes that happen in digital marketing.

We love what we do, who we work with and the lifestyle that being a remote digital marketer brings.

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge shift in what it takes to be successful with advertising. CPMs are up, algorithms are changing and the strategies that worked 2 years ago aren’t nearly as effective.

We are the team that online experts can come to and grow their business even with all of these changes.

Our biggest successes are when we can help our clients break new revenue records, consistently attract new customers and pull themselves out of the daily marketing so they can focus on growing their business and let us handle acquiring their next customer.

How We Work

We are a fully remote team spread through Europe (which means we need you to be available during normal working hours to connect with us).

We stay connected throughout the day in ClickUp (our Project Management tool), Slack, a lot of Loom videos and some Zoom calls when we need it.

All work is managed through our Project Management platform and we live by the rule “if it’s not in ClickUp it didn’t happen.”

Everyone who works on our team is an independent contractor.

Because advertising is constantly changing we’re always investing in new training, trying new things, and learning on the go. You will have access to dozens of top-of-the-line online training courses & regular coaching to improve your skills and we will pay you to take them.

Compensation for this role will be paid a base rate plus an opportunity for performance bonuses with the accounts you own after your trial period.

Salary is negotiable depending on your experience.

There will be a trial period of part-time (20 hours per week) while we make sure we are a good fit for each other and an opportunity to grow into a full-time role with the team. Fully paid of course.

How To Apply

Step 1. Please click the “apply” button on this post and fill out the Google form with your information

Step 2. Once you have filled out the form, send an email to ​​​​recruitment(at)madssingers.com with the subject line “ Media Buyer At Major Impact Media Application” with your name and email you used to submit the application form above

Step 3. We will reach out to the top candidates for a skills test

Step 4. Interview with our team

Step 5. Jump in and start working with our agency!

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