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Facebook Ads Engineer for Up-and-Coming Marketing Agency in the Travel Industry [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 30.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

Facebook ads

For the full job listing on our website, go to: https://10x.travel/start/facebook-ads-engineer-job/

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your experience to contribute to the success of a fast-growing and exciting business – a business that’s been designed specifically to bring together highly-talented people regardless of their physical location?

We’re 10x Travel, and we’re looking for a self-motivated, resourceful and experienced part-time Facebook Ads Engineer to join our brilliant distributed team. If that’s you… we should talk.


What Will I Be Doing?

At the moment we’re looking for a part-time Facebook Ads Engineer to support our team and contribute to customer campaigns.

Once you've got to grips with how we work, you'll help lead our strategy whilst building and optimising paid social media campaigns for travel companies around the world (we have customers on every continent apart from Antarctica). In particular you will be:

  • Working in Power Editor to test, scale and optimise Facebook Ad campaigns to deliver visitors, leads and bookings for our customers with the lowest CPA possible
  • Using Google Sheets to manage customer campaign budgets and timelines
  • Implementing Facebook pixels and conversion events to analyse performance
  • Creating new ad sets and custom audiences to target prospective customers
  • Researching and designing new ad creative - copywriting and sourcing images
  • Researching and proposing new strategies that we can leverage to improve campaign performance
  • Contributing to our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with the things you do and learn on the job
  • Collaborating with our team, as part of our team, via Slack


What Skills and Experience Do I Need?

This is initially a part-time role, and training and step-by-step instructions will be provided.

However you should already have plenty of experience running Facebook Ads campaigns, with a focus on driving conversions and delivering ROI.

However, we are ideally looking for someone who:

  • Has immaculate, idiomatic written English (as you'll be writing ad copy for our customers)
  • Is driven, ambitious and highly autonomous - this is a remote role and we'll be relying on you to show up and do the work on a daily basis, so experience freelancing or working from home is a plus
  • Knows what an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is, and has some experience using them in another organisation
  • Prides themselves on attention to detail (make sure you include the phrase ‘hyper-focussed’ somewhere in your application in bold) and being organised
  • Has some professional experience running Facebook Ad campaigns in an other organisation
  • Has a strong technical foundation. You don’t need to be able to write code, but solid skills working with Excel, WordPress, Google AdWords and other digital marketing orientated tools is a plus.
  • Has a genuine interest in digital marketing - you read books and blogs on the topic and regularly listen to podcasts like Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer and The Art of Paid Traffic


What Are The Perks?

  • Work from anywhere on the planet. Want to work from the beach in Rio or from a cabin in the Swiss Alps? Fine with us (just make sure you save us a guest room)
  • Flexible schedule. Morning person or night owl? As long as you’re crushing it (and checking in on a daily basis on Slack / attending the occasional team meeting on Zoom) you’re free to work the hours you like
  • Awesome coworkers from all over the world. Right now our team is located across the UK, USA, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Build a legacy. Build (or boost) your sales and marketing track record at rapidly-growing company, with huge opportunities to develop your role as you see fit
  • Help sell a product that really helps small and medium businesses in a truly exciting industry: travel


What Happens If I Get The Job?

If you’re successful, we'll hire you for a two-week trial of 10 hours work per week and you'll be compensated with $300 ($15 per hour) for your time.

If you're an excellent candidate, we may compensate you more than this depending on your professional experience and the quality of your application. You'll need to spread your workload two hours per day, five days a week.

After a successful trial, we'll negotiate a monthly contract of 10 - 30 hours a week, with an hourly rate based on your performance in the trial.

At the moment, our paid traffic strategy is relatively simple and restricted to one core channel: Facebook.

However, by the end of 2017 we plan to scale this up by adding new channels. Demonstrate your ability to do so, and you could soon have the creative freedom to:

  1. Lead the development of our paid traffic strategy across new channels like Instagram, Google AdWords and Bing Ads
  2. Lead sales calls, negotiate new deals and earn commission
  3. Find new ways to add value to our company



How Do I Apply?

First, read the full job listing on our website, go to: https://10x.travel/start/facebook-ads-engineer-job/

You'll find a link to the application form on that page.

Applicants: 9

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