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Facebook Ads and Funnel Strategist Opportunity for "T-Shaped" Marketer - Join our Advertising Agency as an Advertiser [CLOSED]

Part Time

Salary: 15.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

Facebook ads Conversion Optimizat... Sales funnel design


I have shot a video intro of myself and the role, please view that here:

I currently manage FB ads for a handful of US clients that spend between $3000-$5000/mo. I've been doing this full-time since February 2017 and now have grown where I need help with the day to day management of the client ad accounts.

The client roster is...

  1. $70k MRR SaaS client: ads to lead magnets. They have a nurture sequence. We are currently working on growing an info-product funnel to absorb some front-end adspend costs.
  2. 7 figure SaaS client: ads directly to free trial sign up.
  3. Early stage eCommerce Ambassador Program Management SaaS client: Ads to booked calls
  4. $10k  Online Wellness Program: Webinar ads to booked calls
  5. Software for Realtors: Driving ads to register a new account and a lead magnet.
  6. Agency client: Building a lead generation funnel to get booked calls
  7. Training programs for 1 membership site and WWF International.

I'm seeking someone who can manage 2 clients: the online wellness program and realtor software client.

I'm responsible for copy, creative (images and video), landing pages, and CRM integration.

I call this having a "T-shaped" marketing skillset.

The individual I'm looking for has a "how can I help?" attitude who wants to figure out how to take as many of these tasks off of my plate as possible. They should resonate with the diagram.

While this individual will be provided with training/coaching directly from me, as well as resources from Billy Gene is Marketing's Genius School training library, I expect a level of resourcefulness and ability to learn on their own.



  1. Create high-level FB ad strategies that directly impact the success or failure of a marketing campaign => You'll be responsible for spending the clients' dollars!

  2. Receive support to execute on your ideas so that you stay in your genius and aren't wasting time doing junior level work.

  3. Get training to level-up your existing knowledge. This role is meant for someone who is hungry and regularly learns on their own. FB Ads changes quite a bit and you'd be expected to keep up with the trends.
  4. Have your voice heard by having a seat at the table. You'll be working closely with me, the owner and head strategist, and your opinions will be greatly taken into consideration as we navigate the digital marketing landscape. At no point this role will be a "do what you're told" but rather "let's observe the best way to move forward together."
  5. High Growth Potential => Aside from ads management and strategy, if your input is more valued at a higher level, then your time would better spent as the chief marketing officer (CMO) of our business, or marketing director, and then we'd be looking for your replacement while you moved up.
  6. Your work-life balance is taken seriously, which means you will not be required to work weekends or middle of the night hours "for the client's sake." You can take time off as needed and even work while you travel, as long the work gets done.
  7. Work with helpful team members => you'll be exposed to a team from different cultural backgrounds with different experiences. We all work to understand each other and foster a community inside the workplace. Team-members are encouraged to get to know each other and spend time on 1-on-1's to better understand how to work together.
  8. Contribute to a greater good ==> You might wonder, "how much good can advertising do?" Well, aside from the good we do for our clients, our business is also a social enterprise by connecting our business profits to a social good. For every new client we bring on, we donate a certain amount to a charitable organization. And when you join the team, you'll be part of the mission we take on to positively impact million of lives.




The ideal candidate will take over the following responsibilities...

  • Plan, develop and implement paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • Conduct thorough funnel audits to understand our clients’ key value proposition, core products, brand aesthetic, and identify opportunities to successfully market them and make them stand out in the marketplace.
  • Propose and implement experiments after analyzing the numbers and data inside the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Compiling weekly, monthly, and lifetime reports with key performance metrics to quantify results and communicate findings and insights to the client.
  • Constantly monitor trends in social media tools, sites, audience and applications and bring new ideas to the table.
  • Ability to document what you're doing by providing screenshots/videos to show what you did

Those are "end-goals" meaning that you'll be presented a goal and the problem. Your job is to present a solution and path.

My job is to SUPPORT YOU in whatever tools you need, including outsourcing parts of your role. You'll have a budget to outsource as part of your toolkit.




So far, your toolkit looks like this...

  • Building ad campaigns inside the FB ads manager
  • Designing graphics on Canva
  • Creating Video ads using Camtasia and online editors like Promo or Lumen5
  • Creating landing pages using Thrive Themes (or Click Funnels, LeadPages)
  • Connecting landing pages to email marketing systems (ActiveCampaign, Dripp)
  • Building messenger bots with ManyChat
  • Integrating the apps with Zapier




This is what is a common day in this role:

  1. Start the day by going through new tasks that have been assigned to you in Asana to figure out the priorities
  2. Check all ad accounts at a high-level and update a custom number tracking dashboard for each client
  3. Check all fb pages for engagement/messages we need to address
  4. Identify what problems there are. If none, then what bottlenecks we could improve on.
  5. We discuss what we need to focus on next.
  6. You write down the steps needed and see it carried out. You are responsible to coordinating with the video editor or graphic designer for any deliverables you need for new campaigns.
  7. Document any new experiments or AB tests that should be followed-up on
  8. Creating an "Ad Account Health" report that shows numbers and trends over the last week and month




Ater hiring others, we've found those that excel in this role...

  • Know how to problem-solve. They've gone through chat support of a new app to find out how it works. You've taught yourself how to learn.
  • Are detail oriented. They rely on checklists to make sure the work is done right.
  • Can set and manage their own deadlines without needing to ask when a deliverable is expected.
  • Over-communicates by updating progress without needing someone to follow-up with them
  • Love using checklists and other systems to help them stay accountable
  • Fluent in English



This role is $10 - 15 USD an hour - up to negotiation based on experience and willing to pay higher salary for less training needed with demonstration of skill.

Payroll is on the 1st and 16th of the month.




We use Slack and Asana on a regular basis and expect participation in our systems.

We'll need to have video calls on a weekly basis to stay on track.

You'll be expected to acknowledge messages within 24 hours.




10-15 hours per week initially and up to 20 hours after 60-90 days probationary period





You'll be expected to choose a default time block sometime between 8am and 6pm EET, Monday to Friday, in order to coordinate with relevant team members.

This may change even on a day-to-day, but it'll be up to you to decide when you'll be available for calls and coordination.




Only video applications will be accepted. Details below.

Please submit a u URL to your video application using Loom recording software (free). Go to https://www.loom.com and sign up for a free account. Install the extension to Chrome. After shooting the video, it will give you a share URL. Put that in your reply.

    1. There is no min/max length of the video.
    2. Please make the "selfie cam" part as big as possible with the 3 dots in the bottom of the screen. **Elaborate why you feel you're a fit and why you want this opportunity.**
    3. Use the "Screen + Cam" option and walk me through any case study, project, or marketing portfolio item you've done.
    4. Highlight what your role was and the workflow/process you used

For example, your response in JobRack will look like:




I will get back to you if your application was rejected or if you're invited to schedule a video interview with me for the next step.

We are planning on bringing on someone in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thank you!

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