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Expert Wordpress Developer for Online Marketing Agency

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

HTML5 CSS2 CSS3 Javascript basics (u... PHP Mysql / MariaDB Wordpress

Hi there! We're a New York City based online marketing company that manages many websites and landing pages to generate legal clients for our partner lawyers. We operate under the name Speedlist LLC.

We find clients who are hurt by drugs/medical devices/accidents from big companies who are negligent and help them with their legal rights to get money through lawsuits and settlements with those big companies. Kind of like a legal Robin Hood :)

We're looking to immediately hire a full-time, expert full stack Wordpress developer to join our team and handle mostly Wordpress technical jobs in-house. The ideal candidate should love to develop, troubleshoot, customize, improve and maintain WordPress sites and landing pages.

Your job responsibilities will include handling tasks such as:

  • General Wordpress dev tasks like fully customizing themes/templates, changing designs, messing with CSS, changing layouts and occasional site builds

  • DNS migrations and Cloudflare setup

  • Converting WP sites to HTTPS from HTTP

  • Solving technical problems with Wordpress

  • Wordpress speed optimization

  • Basic SEO tasks (eg installing and configuring SEO plugins, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics)

  • Creating and customizing landing pages in Instapage

  • (Bonus) Make modifications to MYSQL databases to display custom data in wordpress posts

To summarize, you MUST have the following skills:

  • Expert level proficiency with Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and responsive design

  • Basic experience with server management and cPanel

  • Ability to communicate clearly in English

We are NOT looking for someone that is just a Wordpress “implementer” and only knows how to use simple drag-and-drop themes. We want an expert who knows HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL and can dig in to create custom solutions to problems! We will know within 1 working day if you are not experienced enough and will have wasted both our and your time.

Communication & Work Hours: Because we will need to frequently communicate with you throughout the workday over Slack chat, we require that you be online and available between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM EST (New York City time) each weekday! Please do NOT apply if you cannot work these hours!

What we promise to you:

  • We offer competitive salaries and your pay will be negotiable based on your experience and salary expectations.

  • To give reasonable amounts of work that can be expected to be completed at a normal pace. We will not give you more work than 1 person can handle.

  • To offer a very competitive salary to ensure you are not looking for another job or freelance work to make enough money to support yourself/your family

  • To pay you at the end of your first workday and then pay you weekly for first month through Paypal. After the first month, we will pay you on the 1st and 15th day of each month. (We can pay through Paypal, Xoom, Payoneer, etc.)

  • To honor your full traditional local holidays for your country/religion throughout the year.

  • Honor reasonable breaks throughout your working hours to rest your eyes/hands/mind, eat food and take care of any personal/health matters, etc.

  • Offer 4 weeks paid vacation every year (every 6 months you get 2 weeks)

  • Most importantly, respect you and trust you as a valued team member and human being.

What we expect from you:

  • Very frequent and clear communication. Ask plenty of questions if confused about a task or need help from another team member

  • Ability to complete tasks given to you on time that have a deadline

  • Perseverance to find the solution to an issue even if you’ve never dealt with the problem  before.

  • Loyalty in giving us your full attention and time during your working hours and not other hourly, part-time or freelance clients.

  • To respect us back by not abusing our kindness and generosity

How to apply:

Please apply here on jobrack and include as much information as you can on the following:

  • Date you can start working full-time

  • Your salary expectations for this job

  • Your relevant experience

  • Your work history and any reviews/testimonials of your past work

  • Portfolio of projects you’ve worked on (wordpress websites, wordpress plugins, landing pages, etc.)

  • Links to any freelancer/professional profiles you may have ([hidden], PeoplerPerHour, Fiverr, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Why you're looking for a new position right now

I'm looking to hire at least 1 full-time person for this position immediately, if you are a great fit you could start as soon as Tuesday, November 21, 2017!!

I look forward to your response and I hope to have you join our team very soon! (Please give me some extra time to respond after Wednesday, November 22nd as that is Thanksgiving break here in the United States)


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