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Executive Assistant to the CEO [CLOSED]

Full Time 2000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Admin Assistant

See the Google Doc Job Description: http://rdseo.in/Assistant

Assistant to CEO

When you apply, please make sure the subject line is: “I actually read these instructions”

Who We Are:

We are a group of people (25+ teammates and growing!) that want to win, solve problems, take action, and deliver value to our clients consistently. One of our sayings is “We take our job seriously, but not ourselves” because we laugh, joke, and enjoy the journey while doing it.

More specifically, we are a digital agency with a hyper focus on helping business owners make money using their valuable online assets (their GBP & website) through the vehicle of SEO. We are headquartered in Arizona with team members all over the world.

We are focused on growing our company both in revenue and profit which is the result of winning for our clients & delivering expectations they want from us.We are looking for other motivated, competitive and driven-to-win people who want to grow their skills, deliver value, and make an impact. Maybe that is you?

Check our website out at: www.rotatedigital.com

What we’re looking for:

We need a new assistant to the CEO! This is a remote (work from home) position.

The goal of this position is to take projects & responsibilities away from the CEO in order for the CEO to spend more time leveraged on their most important projects that will drive the company further. This rockstar assistant will support the CEO and the team in many different areas mainly in the domains of Personal needs for the CEO, admin duties, and company operations. This role is multifaceted and requires out of the box thinking, extreme detail, and the ability to take action.

Salary & Growth Opportunities:


  • This role starts at $24,000 a year with the opportunity to earn more after a successful year.
  • You’ll work under and report to the CEO
  • You’ll be graded on the value and leverage you provide to the CEO
  • You’ll be engaging with all departments at Rotate Digital

Growth Opportunities

  • Strong opportunity to grow into operational focused roles
  • We actively promote from within and we have a growing company with many opportunities

The ideal candidate:

Problem Solver: You will be given many problems and tasks without as many steps on what to do. You are someone who can take the outcome, think through all resources and people to get the answers and solutions needed to solve the problem.

Systems Focused: Your job is to leverage the CEO’s time which will turn into helping leverage your own time and our team's time. This means creating the simplest systems to generate the consistent outcome needed. If this is you, you would probably have been told that you are good at taking concepts and breaking them down to action!

Organizational: You will need to have the ability and desire to be organized; not just for yourself but for the company to create clarity, increase communication on the team, and create a better company through organization of documents and systems.

Curious: To thrive in this role, you’ll be a curious person because you’ll want to know how and why something is happening in order for you to learn the knowledge and inner workings in order to take the action to create the outcome.

Areas of Responsibilities (not a full list):

Personal to the CEO

  • Manage finances and reporting
  • Manage and oversee other small businesses
  • Oversee the travel logistics
  • Personal to-do list

Admin Side:

  • Email Management
  • Get responses and info to the right people
  • Onboarding team members
  • Creating presentations
  • Building & documenting processes
  • Sending gifts


  • Building Reports
  • Creating systems
  • Support in Finances - reports, categorization of transactions, contact between Accountants and the RD team
  • Getting answers and solving problems
  • Payroll

Important traits:

  • Direct
  • Detail oriented, this is emphasized when working with the CEO.
  • Problem Solver
  • Good Communication
  • Executer (not procrastinator)
  • Adaptable

What Energizes You:

  • Winning in your role and winning for the company
  • Learning & Implementing
  • You love challenges
  • Taking charge & leading
  • You’re get pumped create solutions for desired outcomes
  • Creating repeatable processes & frameworks to execute work

Make sure you’re comfortable with:

  • Remote working. This is a remote (work from home) position
  • All jobs start with a 60 day trial to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other
  • Moving fast, taking action, and pushing your limits (this won’t be a hang out by the pool with a beer type job)
  • Arizona Time Zone: Working time is flexible, but you will need to be available for most parts of 8am-5pm Arizona Time (Monday to Friday, occasional weekend work).
  • Working with people who are growing and learning every day; if you are looking to work for someone who has it all together this role is not for you

Our Core Values:

Driven to Win: You find yourself desiring to win for yourself and the company. You are striving to be the best and create value for the customers and the company.

Accountability (Ownership): You are accountable to yourself and others. You do what you say you are going to do and you own the outcomes of what you are given (ownership).

Integrity: We do what is right when no one is looking; your boss, your mom, your client.

Servant Mindset: Your values go beyond your own desires.

To apply:

If you're interested, please submit the following:

  • A link to your resume in PDF format with the following naming convention: [Lastname.Firstname.CEOAssitant.pdf]
  • Details of your assistant experience relevant to this role
  • Your answer to this question: if you were to create a critical KPI to measure the success of the CEO assistant role, what would you choose and why?

Submissions should go to: [travis+assistant AT rotatedigital.com]

I will be looking for people who can format their submission in a way that makes it easy for us to review. Remember, as an assistant to the CEO you want to help make it as easy and clear as possible. I’m happy to answer any questions you may include in your application.

Thank you for your consideration and best of luck on your job search!

*At Rotate Digital, job roles are earned through merit-based performance, creating a positive and rewarding work environment. Hard work and dedication are valued and rewarded. It is important to consider the risks and benefits when considering leaving your current situation for a position at Rotate Digital.

Rotate Digital

We have an SEO agency called Rotate Digital and we help moving companies get more clients online by ranking them on Google for profitable keywords....

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