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Editorial Assistant / Fact Checker for Tech Platform [CLOSED]

Part Time Negotiable

Research Wordpress

Cloudwards.net is looking to hire a part time fact checker / editorial assistant for around 15-20 hours each week. The average time per article for fact checking is about two to three hours.

Some articles will be within the editorial flow and will require prompt fact checking to make sure articles can be published on time. Other articles that need fact checking will be already published; any inaccuracies in a published article will need to be added to a Google spreadsheet with your suggested solution for the editors to implement.

Fact checkers will go through a training period so they understand their responsibilities.

Cloudwards often promotes from within its team, so there is a chance for career growth from this position.

Required Skills:

  • Must be able to work independently but be able to communicate with the editorial team.
  • Be able to communicate clearly in a professional, friendly manner.
  • Can work within Trello, Slack and Google Docs with the editorial team.
  • Must be able to work in a timely manner so that editorial articles can be published on schedule.
  • Ideally should have an interest in cloud-based technology.

What Fact Checking Looks Like:

  • Read through an article to determine which facts need to be checked, using a color-coding system.
  • Use online research skills to verify facts in articles and determine how to make the information in articles more accurate.
  • If some part of the article seems to be inaccurate, add comments or questions to the article documents for the writers’ review.
  • Double check links in articles to make sure they include the information sourced in the article.
  • When necessary, reach out to a service’s customer support to get the answer to a question.

If interested in this role, click the apply button to complete the application form.

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