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E-commerce Marketing Operations Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 3000.00 USD Type: Bi-Weekly

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Icarus Midas Ventures (IMV) is an e-commerce brand accelerator. We identify global market opportunities for innovative new products. Currently we have launched and grown a number of different e-commerce sites and brands. We’re growing and looking to launch a number of new brands and products into the market in 2021.

We’re on the hunt for what we like to call an Integrator. Otherwise known more commonly as a COO, Operations Manager, Head of Ops etc.

Basically, we want to launch consumer brands that people love. You will bring these brands and ideas to life through ruthless operational and resource execution.

Walt Disney would not be where they are today without his brother Roy Disney.

About the Role

This role will sit alongside the visionary role in our company to ensure that we continue to execute and innovate within the e-commerce industry. Our company growth aspirations are large and we operate within a world that is subject to large market changes and complexity.

You should be comfortable in a supporting role to the visionary/CEO that ensures both personalities are complimentary. We know this can be difficult to achieve, and we are committed to finding the right partner in this role to make it a success.

As a marketing focused operations manager your role is to execute on a defined strategy. You will love getting shit done, execute effectively to launch, test and grow a new products, offerings and brands.

You will assist in creating, amplifying and developing all required assets to test new markets. This includes working with designers, videographers, influencers etc to bring our ideas and products to life.

You will work and help develop our marketing strategy to effectively test audiences and creatives across multiple niches. This includes setting up Facebook ads processes, influencer processes, PR and growth hacking processes to grow the brand(s). You will enjoy developing and working within tight budgets and being scrappy as much as possible.

Operationally minded with a keen eye for processes and improvements. Managing the supply chain and inventory to ensure your marketing efforts are able to be supported by our fulfillment and warehouses.


  • As a project manager/operational type your role is to execute on strategy. You will love getting shit done, executing effectively on our defined strategy to launch, test and grow a new product/services.
  • Create and develop all required assets to test. This includes working with designers, videographers, influencers etc to bring our ideas and products to life.
  • You’re passionate about all things digital, you’re aware of best practice and up to date with design trends.

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and can clearly translate concepts iinto tasks for your team.

  • You are familiar with the digital project lifecycle (from discovery/brief inception, scoping, estimation to creative concepts, design, technical build/integration and testing/QA).

  • You are adept at leading the team through the project lifecycle, delivering beautiful end products, and securing commercial outcomes.

  • You have a proven track record managing budgets and resource calendars, and are able to juggle priorities daily to meet needs.

  • You are aware of 'scope creep', have the ability to identify it early and activate change to keep projects on track.

  • You are able to both produce and interpret reports to positively influence business processes and output.
  • You are comfortable leading the daily stand up with the team, and contributing to design reviews, brainstorming sessions etc.


1. Faithfully executes the business plan, achieving or exceeding planned P&L objectives.

2. Leads, manages, and holds the leadership team accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments.

3. Integrates all major operating functions of the business. Ensures everyone is

rowing together in the same direction. Models the way, always working towardthe greater good of the business.

4. Resolves issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with

conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and

healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and cohesive.

5. Ensures that everyone is truly following, and adhering to, the company’s core

processes and operating system with consistency. Demonstrates effective project management skills.

6. Dependably demonstrates a relentless obsession with values alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity.

7. Please apply with “I am your integrator” at the beginning of your application.

8. Effectively collaborates with the Visionary and stays on the same page.

Maintains a high level of mutual respect with the Visionary. Realizes the unique

contributions and ideas that the Visionary has, and possesses an ability to filter and translate those ideas into functional plans for the company.

9. Confirms that all key messages are properly and consistently cascaded across

the organization. Inherently ensures that everyone is in the know. Verifies that a high level of effective communication exists throughout the organization.

Benefits / Details

Full time Position (trial period will be 20 hours per week)

$2000-$3000 per month plus performance-based bonuses and equity + profit share

Work directly with the CEO with constant opportunity to suggest your own ideas, make improvements and learn new skills.

Access to high-value training materials and courses ($10,000+ in courses and development)

Chance to work with an existing team that has been together for over three years, and to grow this team yourself.

Chance to meet for in person sprints/get togethers in awesome global locations.

What we are not looking for

As much as we value creatives, we are not looking for just ideas people or creative types (for this particular role). Ideas are great but we are looking for the operational/integrator that can bring the resources and processes together to effectively launch and execute our strategy.

Success and Outcomes

Meet and exceed OKRs (Objective Key Results - how Google and Spotify + Linkedin goal set)

Successfully launch brands (from initial conception, through to creative, brand, supply chain and eventual launch)

Want to Stand Out?

Please record a 3 minute, unlisted Youtube or Loom video with your phone or laptop (easier with Youtube app on phone) introducing yourself and why you are interested in the role and answer this question - You finish a busy day at work and think to yourself

I have the best job in the world!. -

What did you do that day?

Also please complete this assessment and submit it along with your CV, Linkedin and video.


IM Ventures

Icarus Midas Ventures (IMV) is an e-commerce brand accelerator. We identify global market opportunities for innovative new products. Curren...

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