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Driven Funnel Designer that wants more? Paid weekly, Flexible hours, small team, paid time off, part time! [CLOSED]

Part Time 1000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Website design Sales funnel design English - speaking English - writing

Great part time opportunity equivalent to $2,000 USD / month and access to a great small team, flexible hours, tools, and more.

If you're nodding your head saying, "Hell yeah! That's me!" as you read this then we should chat...

  • I'm a rock-solid communicator and make clients happy. I'm happy to video conference and am whole-heartedly focused on delivering top-notch service to my clients.
  • I'm not shy. If I don't have the info I need to do great work, I'll be persistent and polite gathering what I need.
  • I’m fully capable of looking for answers on my own, but know that at a certain point diminishing returns kicks in and I need to ask for help in order to keep projects moving.
  • I'm 100% focused on results and will use my expertise to build and optimize a project for the best possible outcome.
  • I'm into design and have a knack for getting things “just right”.
  • I'm organized to a "T." If you need anything, I'll know exactly where it is.
  • I work well in ClickUp (experience not required) and Google Drive/Docs.
  • I NEVER miss a deadline and strive to over-deliver.
  • I LOVE funnels and am competent matching the design of numerous brands.
  • I have delivered results and driven actual revenue through the projects I've worked on.
  • I love using the design hacking process.
  • I make sales pages “pop”.
  • I take direction well, and even though I may have strong opinions or a strong ego, I'm always looking to improve.
  • I can work quickly and thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • I work best with full transparency in both directions.
  • I know that communication is KEY to success
  • I'm looking to grow even more by building my success portfolio.
  • I really, really, really want to continually hone my craft, grow personally, and am a SPONGE for learning new things.

If this is you, keep reading for the details


Oasis Optimization is our brand.

We’re a small and diverse team working with a very limited (4-5 max) number of clients and a couple of other businesses that I'm part owner of in industries like SEO training, digital marketing, and DFY services (ecom). Getting BIG wins and iterating to get better every time fires me and I need help to continue to grow.

Although the clients and businesses vary in industries, they all sell products in the $10 to $1000-ish range, by sales funnels or webinars.

Our role is to help take their ideas or existing assets and create amazing funnels, email marketing, and systems that match their brand, and bring in new clients while driving conversions as high as possible.

I've reached my max on time and need to transition into more of an advisory and consulting role to manage the team and am looking to hire a part time funnel builder to join us.

What This Opportunity Looks Like

You'll be working directly with me and our small team to do any research needed to match the brand for funnels and pages, creating wireframes (funnel outlines), building the funnel, and interacting with an outside design agency for graphics beyond simple logos. (you're encouraged and welcome to bring ideas and passion to the table).

You'll run with the funnel and revisions and bring it to life with input from the team.

Projects will include:

  • Optin funnels
  • Sales funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Ecom storefront funnels
  • Author “websites”
  • Funnel redesigns

You’ll be working with tools such as Miro for wireframing pages and funnels, building them in ClickFunnels (or other tools to a lesser degree), working with a design agency for advanced graphics, and having a weekly call with team members.

You'll have autonomy to get these projects done whenever you'd like, so long as they are completed on-time.

Our culture is very much “work to live”, not “live to work”.

We work hard so that we can create great results and enjoy a balanced life.

Everything you do will be proofed by our kick-ass project manager or myself.


We're going to start tackling this on one at a manageable level so that we can BOTH ensure it's a good fit.

This will start at a flat rate of $1000/mo (paid weekly to start). I will not take someone on per-project. We're going to align as a team and kick some butt. Some months will be lighter than others.

To start, this position would be 20 hours per week - when you work is flexible (remember that “work to live”?) so long as you’re available Monday - Friday and can respond in less than 24 hours during the same days.

Being a part of the team means that you’re not only paid, but you also:

  • Get access to advanced training

  • Work with a 2-comma club award (ClickFunnels $1 million+ through a funnel) winning team

  • Get access to tools like CF Style box and CF Pro tools

  • Flexible work environment that places emphasis on meeting deadlines, not set hours

The position would start with a 90 day trial period (at the $1000/mo rate). After successful completion, you would also get:

  • Review and pay increase

  • 1 PTO day per month

  • Ability to take time off with prior notice (unpaid while part time)


As we get into our flow and groove together (we both gotta be into it, right?), then we'll turn our attention to new client projects and expand your role as your expertise fits.

You’re also a great fit if you’re looking for a team you can grow with long term. With the right fit this could certainly turn into a full time position with additional benefits (paid vacation weeks, and more).


The application has several questions and will probably take about 30 minutes - please follow directions completely. There’s no “tricks” in there, but we do expect good responses :)

Click on this link to fill out the application survey:


Successful applicants that match our needs will be notified for an interview via Zoom.

Adam Moody

I work with my own business and a small number of clients to create sales funnels and email marketing to increase their revenue.


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