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Digital Media Buyer & Project Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Millennium Marketing is seeking a smart, talented and versatile individual to join our rockstar team and take on various roles and responsibilities within our fast growing digital advertising business.

Your primary responsibility will be to organize, manage and launch brilliant, professional and effective marketing campaigns. You will also manage and optimize these campaigns within the Google Adwords platform so that they produce positive ROI for our company. You'll have a team at your disposal to help you with this postion so you must be adept at working with others to accomplish a goal.

We have a small team, so you won’t be one of dozens. You’ll be one of a few, so your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. You’ll help us see things we haven’t seen before, consider things we’ve never considered before, and bring fresh perspective to our team.

We’re open to hiring the best person no matter where they are. A lot of our team works remotely all over the world, so you’re welcome to be part of the team no matter where you live. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection and availability during EST working hours.

Here are some traits we’d like in our future Marketing Team Leader

-Fluent spoken and written English (required)

-Ability to dive in and learn new online platforms. While we aren’t looking for an IT guy or coder by any means, our business is 100% within the digital online world so you’ll need to have the ability to learn new platforms quickly and easily on your own without constant assistance and oversight.

-You're a good timekeeper, and always do your best to be on time and to meet deadlines.

-Your communication skills are great. You appreciate clear instructions for tasks, and are able to communicate that to your team and will always try to keep us updated on your progress or problems.

-You like (and are good at) learning new things in the internet world, especially related to internet business.

-You would feel comfortable hiring and managing a team of outsourced workers. Probably 3 -5 at first.

-You have a fast and secure computer to work from, and your internet connection is also decently quick and stable.

-You want to learn new skills, progress your career, and accept full responsibility for your team’s performance.

-You have an innate ability to think outside the box to accomplish a task.

-You have always had a creative and visual eye. Our core business is marketing, so we need someone who has an eye for what might attract attention and is visually appealing.

-If you have some HTML and photoshop knowledge that would be considered a bonus, but not required. Occassionally very small html edits need to be made on the fly, usually just the wording of a headline etc., so its nice not to have to rely on developers for small changes like this. Same goes for photoshop, a headline might need to be changed on an ad. So even if you don’t have html or PS experience the right applicant should be able to learn what you’ll need to know quickly. On that same token if you have experience with a FTP client that woud be an additional bonus but not required.

If this sounds like you please keep reading! Here’s some of the things you would be responsible for (guidance and training provided, of course).

- Organization and delegation of tasks necessary for marketing campaign launch. You’ll be given a list of campaigns that need launching and your job will include delegating creatives to our graphics team, landing pages to our developers, and updating the various necessary links and resources within our team management platform as well as our tracking platform. Then you’ll launch these campaigns by uploading these various resources you had created to the Google Adwords advertising platform.

-After a Overseeing various team members media buyers while they manage said campaigns

And here are some more details about the position..

-We are looking for someone full time who is only working for us. Not a free-lance type deal where you are working on a bunch of other projects. We will keep you busy.

-You will be paid twice per month with no delays, always on time and the agreed amount. We can use Paypal or whatever is best for you.

-This is a salary position, which to us means you work for us fulltime. At least 40 hours per week, but this is not a set thing and you won’t have to keep a time sheet. But since we will have workers going at all hours of day and night, you may pop in for a quick check at various times of day. You need to be very available. Overall this position comes with responsibilities but also freedom to make it your own. When you apply , please mention some of the following

-Your general level of experience with some of the tasks I mentioned above.

-Your past jobs (whether relevant or not).

-Why you would like this job, and what excites you about the position.

-Do you want to learn new skills that you can use to improve your work, and ultimately take on more responsibility.

-Anything else you'd like to say about this position or why you think you're the right guy or gal for the job.

-Compensation is negotiable based upon experience and skills, please indicate what you would like to be paid. There will also be room for growth an possibly even commission down the line.

-Please go to http://speedtest.net, run a test, and take a screenshot of your result.

- We are located in the EST time zone and work during normal business hours in EST (9-5) so you must be willing to adapt your schedule within reason to fit our working hours.

Millennium Marketing

Millennium Marketing is a boutique performance marketing firm specializing in producing high quality marketing campaigns at a massive scale.

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