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Creative Director/Video Editor for Leading Online Guitar School [CLOSED]

Full Time 1800.00 USD Type: Monthly

Video editing English - speaking

$1000-$1800/month --> Needed: Creative Director/Video Editor for Leading Online Guitar School

We are a small team running an online classical guitar school. We help people learn to play guitar music and read musical notation. We’ve been operating since 2013.

Video is a large part of the business. We have an active Youtube channel and publish at least two videos each week. And we have over 70 courses and continue to create more. The main product of the site is a step-by-step guitar program, which is also based on video.

We love helping people and have the best customer support in our field. We have a reputation for high-quality materials, videos, and instruction.

As a team, we all work remotely, mostly in Europe. We have open and supportive communication, and all love what we do.

About the Position:

We currently have an opening for a new member of the team. On the team, you will be in charge of all video and graphic editing. We have some norms that will need to continue, but you will have much creative input and control.

You will help create ads and banners, video thumbnails, graphics for the website, images for social media, and more. You may also help with sales page layout and site design.

In short, you’ll be responsible for the visual aspects of the website. This will enable you to experiment and use your creativity. Alongside the site owner, you’ll work to constantly improve and refine the brand and look of the website, ads, and videos.

Position Requirements:

There are a few mandatory skills needed for you to join the team.

  1. You must be conversational or better in English. This is because the site is in English, and much of the team are native English speakers.
  2. You will need some video editing experience. You do not need to be an expert yet, but you will need to know the basics. You will have an unlimited education budget, and time to study and learn new techniques.
  3. You will need some ability with graphic design and page layout.
  4. You will need to be a self-starter and self-motivated.
  5. You must be excellent at managing your time.
  6. You must be highly organized.
  7. You need to have great attention to detail and an eye for design.
  8. And you must be willing to work on any project you are needed on, even if it’s not in your main area of focus. (This is rare, but sometimes we need help with other areas of the business, and we all do our best to get the job done.)

Not required, but helpful:

It would also be very helpful if you have some kind of background experience playing a musical instrument. The business is a guitar school. But any musical training would help you to understand the content in videos and images. This will help you to “tell a good story” with the content.

There are also other skills that would be helpful.

  • Experience with Photoshop or similar image-editing software
  • Experience using WordPress and WordPress-based page-builders
  • Any web development and/or design experience may also be helpful

These are not required, and you will get training on anything you need. We are seeking a long-term team member. And so it’s more important that you can manage your time, learn by self-study, and are excited to constantly grow and improve at your craft.

What we expect from you:

As said above, we expect you to be an excellent manager of your time. And you need to be very organized. These two traits, along with a positive attitude, are as or more important than any other skills.

We expect you to continue to learn new elements of your craft and practice new skills that contribute to the improvement of the products and website.

We expect you to provide a daily work report, stating what you did that day.

We expect a positive attitude and general enthusiasm. We’re spending our lives together, so let’s have fun with it!

What you can expect from us:

  • You can expect our full support and encouragement.
  • You are safe to try new things and fail.
  • You are welcome to ask questions or seek help anytime you need it.
  • You will have an unlimited education and training budget. So if there is a new skill that would help you do your job better, you’ll get as much training as you like.
  • You’ll also get creative and artistic input on projects, graphics, and all things visual and layout.
  • You’ll get constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement when needed.
  • And you may even get an equipment budget, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

In short, you will have anything and everything you need to do your best work. And all we ask in return is your best work!

How we work:

The main core of the team lives in Europe. We have systems to track project management. The main software we use are Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Dropbox. You don’t need any experience with these, because we have quick training on each of them if needed.

We all have complete freedom of schedule, meaning we work when we choose to. It would be best if you could work at least partially during the day, European time. This would make team communication faster and easier.

We have a light-hearted and easy-going work environment. But we all take our work very seriously. We all strive to make everything as high-quality as possible. And we all continue to learn and improve.

If you choose to join our team,

  • You’ll have a satisfying work life.
  • You’ll get fun creative challenges.
  • You’ll have input on the direction and look of a successful business.
  • You’ll work with great people who love what they do.
  • You’ll get feedback and encouragement, so you’re always growing.
  • You’ll get to choose your hours and place of work.
  • You’ll get training and education so you always feel fresh and excited.
  • You’ll get everything you need to do great work.

How to Apply to Join the Team:

To apply, please submit a video you have edited. Please tell us the software you used and anything else you would like to share about your work.

Please tell us a little about yourself - where you live, your living situation, prior experience, and education/training. Please include anything from the “Position Requirements” and “Not required, but helpful” sections above that apply to you.

You can also include anything else that would help us better understand you, your craft, your creativity, and/or skills in visual media.


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