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Content Manager / Marketing Operations [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 1500.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

SEM SEO Content Marketing Project Management


IELTSPodcast is a leading online provider for students preparing for the high stakes IELTS English exam. We provide online courses, materials, tutorials and essay correction; all geared towards results getting measurable improvements for our students. 

We have a team of academic professionals from the UK and US, based around the globe who help students prepare for the exam. 

We were the first podcast about IELTS to be produced, we are the leaders in this niche, with monthly downloads of over 60,000.  

IELTS is a fast growing sector, especially with the rising demand from Asian students wanting to study in the West. 

IELTSPodcast.com is the only online course in the market to offer a guarantee to its students.

We are now expanding!

We are looking for a motivated professional to plan, commission and edit content. 

Here are some details about this position.

Please read very carefully. This application is long and detailed for a reason! I suggest reading everything closely.

Key Priority:

  • Research and plan future content needs, organise and order articles with writers. 
  • Edit finished podcast recordings (straightforward and training provided). 
  • Various basic SEO related tasks such as KW research, and internal linking reviews (training also provided if necessary). 
  • Take over and complete other content projects such as Kindle publishing, and Linkedin. 
  • Identify possible automations.

Secondary Tasks

  • Help in setting up a solid HR funnel for hiring teachers and writers. 
  • Publish WordPress posts.
  • Plan outreach to appear on guest podcasts, guest blogs and other opportunities.
  • Email response / Customer care (very infrequent). 
  • Learn new software and write SOPs for it. 

Day to Day

  • Morning weekly call to establish goals for the week. 
  • Organise content requirements for weeks ahead. 
  • Push current projects to completion. 

Who You Are

  • Someone that’s ambitious, resourceful, independent, and results driven. You should have a creative flair to solve problems. Driven towards results and task completion. Have no issue with owning the result. 
  • Able to take ownership and accountability. Even if a project goes wrong, your first response is always “I take full responsibility. Here’s what I’m already doing to fix it.”
  • Willing to learn new software and applications such as Google Analytics or the Adwords platform. 
  • You pay attention to detail and follow instructions carefully.
  • A clear communicator with excellent English skills (any qualification proving this is advantageous).
  • Able to work remotely with your own phone, computer and high speed internet access in place. Spotty connectivity won’t do. 
  • Planned and methodical in your work. Detailed oriented and data driven. 

Perks + Compensation

Direct weekly calls to the CEO/founder (i.e. mentoring, coaching). 

Accelerated learning and development in online / offline marketing. 

Autonomy – the ability to make key business decisions, freedom to test / implement strategies. 

You will start at a 3-month trial period at $7.5 an hour, then pay will increase to $1500 a month after successful completion of the trial OR earlier if KPIS are constantly met. There will also be the ability to work your way up and earn bonuses.

We work in a remote manner, so this role is open to professionals anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection.

Your schedule is entirely your responsibility, however this is 35h a week, and it will be time tracked to start with. 

A weekly morning call with the founder to discuss results of previous week, and next steps to be taken. 

Long Term

There is definitely room to grow, we are growing at an impressive rate, the demand from Asia is growing year on year.


  • You have a basic understanding of SEO and WordPress.
  • You are a good timekeeper, and always do your best to be on time.
  • You have an education / ESL background.
  • Your communication skills are awesome (Native English is not necessary although would be useful).
  • You are excellent at following up with and tracking projects. 
  • You appreciate receiving clear instructions for tasks.
  • You enjoy fitting in and working with the awesome corporate culture that our company has.
  • You are tech savvy. Not in the sense that you know how to code, but in the sense that you “get it” when it comes to online things and open to using new software tools.
  • You have a fast and secure computer to work from, and your internet connection is also decently quick and stable.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can expect to receive great communication from the company founder, with clear instructions and feedback.
  • You’ll be paid the agreed amounts promptly
  • You’ll have a lot of flexibility with your working hours, but we would like a daily check in for email correspondence. 
  • We are committed to building a long term relationship with you. Many people working for us have been working with us for many many years.

How to apply

Fill out this form: http://bit.ly/670806ielts

Later in the hiring process we will require you to arrange a reference call with a former employer / manager, if this is fine please proceed with the application.

Good luck!


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