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Content Manager / Assistant / +Other [CLOSED]

Full Time 500.00 USD Type: Fixed Price

UPDATE: We found someone here! Thanks all who applied.


First, BaseLang offers unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring for $99 a month via Skype. The rest this post will make more sense with that in mind.

About the Job

We're looking for someone to take over a number of tasks on a rolling basis for us. You'd become a full time member of the team (remotely). 

First, we're doing a lot of blog/video content and this is where you'd work the most (initially):

- taking posts from Dropbox Paper (where we write) and loading into Wordpress (where we publish). Paper adds a lot of unnecessary html so this has to be done manually and can be time consuming depending on the post.

- Checking the illustrations our illustrator does for each blog post for quality

- Checking the videos our video guy does for each blog post for quality (sound, no hiccups, has words on the screen where they would be helpful, etc)

- posting our posts on schedule and making sure each person on the team gets you what you need on time so you can post correctly

- Descriptions (very basic SEO) on posts, YT videos, YT cover photos using a Photoshop template

- writing drafts for the weekly emails to our blog list (that I will then check and send)


You'd also manage our social media. We're not very active, but we do need:

- FB and Twitter posts (post to these when new blog posts go up)

- organizing and optimizing YT videos (we'll give you a guide)

- Following up with people who mention BaseLang on social media (very easy)


Lastly, you'll help with the teacher onboarding process:

- When we hire a new teacher, there are some things we need to do, like get a photo, bio, create email and skype accounts for them, etc.

- You'd handle this process

- potentially, you could help with teacher training as well


There of course are other little things, but basically - you'll be helping run the stuff that needs to happen every day but takes a lot of my cofounder and I's time.

We'll start with this but good performance means we will probably have you handle some other things for us (PR, influencer outreach for our content, support, live chat), along with an appropriate raise. So there is definitely room to grow in this company (more on this later).

You don't have specific time of day hours, and we don't care if you work from home, a cafe, a coworking space, or wherever. We just expect results and stuff to get done, and won't bug you about when or where.

Training for new tasks will be provided as needed, of course.

This job will be full time (40hr/wk), and we're looking to hire now and have you starting this week. Compensation is $500 USD/mo to start (we will pay every two weeks initially, starting two weeks after you start, and then monthly like we do for the rest of us). There will be opportunities for that number to go up as soon as a few months from now for the right person. This number is also negotiable for a all-star hire.


About the Company

BaseLang offers unlimited Spanish tutoring for $99 a month. We had paying beta customers in September but launched publicly Jan 1st this year. We're growing very quickly and need to hire to keep up with this. We've been featured in Forbes, and the documentary we used to launch our company has over 130k views on YouTube.

Our core team of 5 is based in Medellin, Colombia. I'm from the US, and everyone else in the core team (including my cofounder) is Colombian. We also have many teachers and teaching coordinators but you won't work with them at all.

You'll be working primarily with me (Connor), our illustrator/video guy (Fabian), teacher's manager (Karina), and a little less with my cofounder (Adrian).

As a fast-growing small company (startup if you want to call it that), so you'll constantly be handling new types of work and working in a pretty exciting environment (you'll be with us as we grow to 6 figures in recurring revenue).

We believe in brutal honesty, and in everyone in the company having a say on everything. Myself and my cofounder openly welcome constructive criticism on how we can do better, and we expect the same from everyone on the team.

We believe strongly in "extreme ownership" - which basically means that if anything goes wrong for any reason in your department, you take full responsibility (even if you didn't screw up, someone else did). For instance, anything that goes wrong with a teacher or that segment of the company, Karina (who runs teacher HR, and manages our teachers and coordinators) owns that 100%. But as the CEO, every part of the company is mine, I also own that mistake as my own. We'll expect a similar level of responsibility from you in your area of work.


About You

We're looking for self-starters. People who take initiative, figure stuff out, get shit done. Once we're done onboarding/training you for a handful of specific things, we want you to help keep us on track, not the other way around. In short, you'll be treated like an equal member of the core team, as you will be.

If you speak Spanish, that's a huge bonus, but it's not needed. We'll pay a bit more if you speak it or learn it while with us (we can give you free use of our product do to this). We don't need to you be fluent, but if we have you take over support and/or live chat in the future, it will be useful as people may ask you questions about Spanish stuff and you'd need to be at least intermediate to be able to help.

You want a fast-paced environment where there are always new types of work to do.

Not necessary, but ambitious - as we grow, we will need more and more people like we will initially hire you for, and if you are awesome, you'll probably end up managing them and running a sub-team within our company (if this was something you wanted at that point, which would likely be within 6-8 months). Your responsibilities will scale as our needs to and based on how amazing you are. A (much) higher salary and small profit share is not out of the picture long term if this is where you end up.

You have fast wifi. This shouldn't be an issue though - we operate just fine here on 20mb down /4mb up.

Ideally, you're a reader. We've found a very good correlation between people who read a lot of non-fiction and excellent hires. If you're not already, know that we have at least a few books we'll require you to read in the first few months to integrate with our mindset.

You always want to be learning and growing. We are all pushing ourselves to constantly better here and that is well rewarded in this type of environment.

You want a long-term, full-time position.

Beyond those qualities, here are some basic needed skills:

basic HTML/CSS skills (we can teach this if necessary for the right hire). This is just for blog post editing, very basic stuff. This is not a software development position.

- basic Photoshop skills (can you crop things? can you change text and replace an image? can you save a template PSD to a different file type? that's about all we'll need) Again, we can teach the right person this as it's very simple.

- very good written English. Spoken isn't as important as long as you're at least conversational.

- a good aesthetic eye. You'll need to look at the illustrations our illustrator does and approve them, offer suggestions, etc. You won't be doing anything yourself here but need to be able to tell the difference between good and bad.


Your Application

In your application, mention your experience level with each of the main things I've talked about, and definitely each of the basic needed skills.

Beyond that, I'm not going to give you instructions on how to apply. This tests our most basic need: that you are self-starter who figures shit out and gets shit done. Be creative.

And of course feel free to ask questions in your application!


Thank you,

Connor Grooms

CEO, BaseLang.com


BaseLang offers unlimited Spanish tutoring for $99 a month. Students get one on one classes with teachers over Skype following our optimized curric...

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