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ClickStop - IP logging and AdWords IP blocking via. AdWords API [CLOSED]

Project Basis

Salary: Negotiable

HTML5 Javascript basics (u... Javascript Advanced... jQuery

Technical Specification:

I require an experienced and technical team or individual to build the backend build of our new venture - clickstop

The functionality should fully mirror clickcease.com - so the simplest and quickest way to understand this job is to login to my account using the following info. Again, we want to make a carbon copy of their site and you’re welcome to use the same framework they use (as long as we don’t infringe any copyrights)

I will supply login details on request.

we want to mirror everything from the sign-up functionality to the actual application workings itself. The only thing that is not required is:

  1. Bing integration

  2. “Enable Behavior Analysis” function.

  3. “Updates” tab can be removed completely

  4. “Campaign Level Blocking” , “Aggressive Blocking” and “Cross Domain Blocking” in “Manage Auto IP Blocking” section

Summary: There’s a lot involved to just understand this, so again, the easiest way to understand what’s required is to explore the platform yourself. However here is the summary.

  • This online will supply users with a piece of code to be implemented on their website’s html code.

  • The code will track visits from users and log their IP addresses and record it in the applications dashboard

  • It will then feed certain IPs back to AdWords via. AdWords API based on certain criteria set by the user, enabling IP blocking.

  • Payment systems will be recurring billing cycle, either monthly or annually and it will use Stripe.

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