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Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Amazon Store and Inventory Manager for 7 Figure Amazon Seller

Ray Commerce / 7 Figure Amazon Seller

Managing an Amazon Account can be a challenge, and I am looking for a strong store manager to keep my account organized and healthy. I sell primarily Wholesale, so keeping track of inventory is also challenging. The successful candidate will manage inventory and keep track of these aspects of my business. This is a terrific op...

Full Time or Part Time 1000.00 - 1500.00 USD / Negotiable
Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Ecommerce Product Research Expert


Our Ecommerce business is looking for a Product Research Expert. We have multiple dropshipping e-commerce stores in the United States and Europe. Our stores generate stable revenue because we sell products that already did comparatively well in other markets and we try to scale them by creating viral ads on TikTok,Instagra...

Part Time Negotiable
Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Virtual Assistant required to upload content onto websites

Eden Emerald

ME I run several successful cryptocurrency-related informational websites, and I need someone who can help me with simple editing and uploading of content on my sites. I am pressed for time because there are so many articles to publish, and my sites have grown so quickly that I need help managing previously published materi...

Full Time 650.00 EUR / Monthly

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Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Executive Virtual Assistant For Multi-Company Founder

Travis Inc

Hi there, My name is Travis and I’m a serial entrepreneur (addict) turned investor. I’m the founder of a bunch of different companies, and I partner/invest in a bunch of others. Here is an overview of who I am , what I do, and where I’m at in my life. I consider myself a fairly good founder and a fairly good investor, but I’m...

Full Time Negotiable
Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Executive Assistant

Data Driven Marketing

John Ainsworth is the CEO of Data Driven Marketing , which helps online course creators to 2-5x their revenue through email marketing and funnels. He’s also obsessed with a level of excellence that most people don’t understand they can reach, and he wants to find someone who wants the opportunity to achieve that. He lov...

Full Time 1500.00 USD / Monthly
Virtual Assistant 3 months ago

Executive Assistant

Looventures Real Estate Investments

Looventures Real Estate Investments is a leading Canadian firm that specialises in real estate investing. They acquire multifamily residential real estate, focusing on effective operations of the assets, improving the quality & repositioning the assets. The company has recently ventured into self-storage facilities an...

Part Time 7.00 - 9.00 USD / Hourly
Virtual Assistant 4 months ago

Executive Assistant


ZenPilot helps agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by streamlining their operations in ClickUp. They’ve served over 2,600 agencies and are ClickUp’s largest implementation partner. With a unique combination of industry expertise, ZenPilot emphasizes team enablement and accountability that set t...

Full Time 1500.00 - 2500.00 USD / Monthly
Virtual Assistant 4 months ago

Construction Project Coordinator

Poladian Construction Inc.

Poladian Construction Inc. focuses on working with and for real estate investors. The first aspect of the business is working with real estate investors and partnering up to do real estate deals, including buying distressed properties and renovating them to increase their value. The second aspect is helping real estate...

Full Time 1200.00 - 1300.00 USD / Monthly
Virtual Assistant 5 months ago

Executive Assistant

Real Estate Investing Firm

We are a Canadian Real Estate Investing Firm, a successful real estate company consisting of Real estate investment and construction analytics. We’ve recently launched a real estate portfolio, and are striving to double the number of our properties by next year. Currently, we are looking to build a diverse team of remote...

Full Time 1100.00 USD / Monthly
Virtual Assistant 5 months ago

Operations Specialist (Video Editing)

Marani Consulting

Understanding of operations and implementing processes (experience with these would be considered a plus) Click here to watch a video by Itamar Marani, the CEO and founder of Marani Consulting: Marani Consulting is a coaching business helping entrepreneurs overcome emotional and me...

Full Time 1800.00 - 2200.00 USD / Monthly