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Sales&Marketing 1 month ago

Sales & Social Media Assistant- SaaS Academy

SaaS Academy

SaaS Academy is the complete business growth system for SaaS founders. The company's mission is to empower SaaS businesses by providing them with the tools and strategies to achieve repeatable and scalable growth. With SaaS Academy, founders can focus on the work they love, knowing that their business is supported by...

Full Time 1600.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 1 month ago

Junior Brand Manager/CRM Manager

Growth Shop

Click here to watch the video from Mark, the founder of Growth Shop: Growth Shop is a trailblazer in the world of direct-to-consumer brands, with a strong focus on the US market and global expansion ambitions. They have a proven track record of scaling e-commerce brands, including the...

Full Time 3000.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 1 month ago

CRO Specialist

VGL Group

Join ShopLC US, the dynamic and rapidly growing digital retailer that's transforming the industry. With live broadcasting to 80 million homes and a user-friendly website, they offer value-based products in jewellery, beauty, fashion, home decor, and lifestyle. As a vertically integrated company, they ensure exceptional qu...

Full Time 3000.00 - 4000.00 USD / Monthly

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Sales&Marketing 1 month ago

Digital Marketing Account Manager- SV Marketing

SV Marketing

Click here to watch a video by Joe from SV Marketing: SV Marketing helps eCommerce brands scale their brands via paid media. They only work with 30-50 brands at once, as they prefer to become brand partners, not service providers. The brands they partner with love them for three simp...

Full Time 2500.00 - 3000.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 2 months ago

Inbound Marketing Coordinator

Diaz & Cooper

Join Diaz & Cooper, a leading sales and marketing consultancy as an Inbound Marketing Coordinator. Support clients and drive growth with HubSpot expertise.

Full Time 3750.00 - 4600.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 2 months ago

Marketing Manager

Solved by Tanna

Join Solved by Tanna as a Marketing Manager, shaping brand identity and driving marketing initiatives. Be part of a dynamic and rewarding team in Tampa, committed to growth, and innovation.

Full Time 2100.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 2 months ago

E-Commerce Specialist

The Hawker's Club

Help businesses succeed in marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart with tailored services and expert guidance. Click for more!

Full Time 1800.00 - 2220.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 2 months ago

Marketing Assistant

Kelly Marshall-Hill

Join award-winning UK Top 50 agency, Tonic Communications, specializing in healthcare PR, tech, and green transport sectors. Make a positive difference in the world and be part of the team!

Full Time 1120.00 - 1600.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 2 months ago

Media Engagement Manager

First Class Flyer

Drive brand authority and generate website traffic through quality media placements, contributing to the vision of upgrading life's journey.

Full Time 1800.00 - 2500.00 USD / Monthly
Sales&Marketing 1 month ago

Creative Advertising Specialist

Athlete's Gift Shop

Embrace the opportunity to create exceptional ads and make a memorable impact! Join Athlete's Gift Shop, a family business dedicated to simplifying the lives of sports parents.

Full Time 1800.00 - 2500.00 USD / Monthly