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Content Writer 7 years ago

Podcast Post Writer & Producer [No Audio Editing Skills Required]


Do you love listening to podcasts? How about working to help entrepreneurs make an impact? You’re in the right spot. * Our mission at Cashflow Podcasting is to allow podcasters to focus on creating great content, and we handle the rest! * We're looking to hire folks that can work from home, on their own...

Project Basis 700.00 USD / Fixed Price
Content Writer 7 years ago

Passionate Sports Writers Wanted

Jonathan Roberts

Do you have a strong interest and passion in Sports, in particular, Football (Soccer) Are you an aspiring sports journalist or recent graduate? Are you an aspiring content writer or freelance blogger? Do you enjoy talking and writing about Football (Soccer)? Do you want a large audience for your work to help you refine and perf...

Part Time 300.00 USD / Fixed Price
Content Writer 7 years ago

General Content Writer Needed - Full Time - On-going


Job Overview: I am looking to hire a full time writer to write general website content. What subjects will you be writing about? It will vary. Sometimes it will be about renewable energy (solor power, environmental news, and so on), sometimes it will be pulling quotes from an article to post on twitter, and sometimes it wil...

Project Basis 600.00 USD / Fixed Price

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