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Be our New Client Coordinator, for a fast growing US-based Co! [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

We've got a full description posted here:

Be our New Client Coordinator

We are looking for a proactive, kind and creatively intelligent person to join our expanding team! We're looking for somebody to help us grow our business by proactively following up with new leads that we generate from our outbound marketing efforts. We're looking for somebody who can communicate with these new leads in a kind and understanding way.

Our European office is based in Niš. Our team supports two American companies with software development, customer support, and new client coordination. Your role would be primarily to support the growth and client acquisition strategy of American companies.

For the past 12+ months, our software team here in Niš has made big strides in product development. We now have a very strong web-based software solution that also runs as an iOS and Android app. It's sold to local governments throughout the US. End-users are primarily Millennials who love technology. Now that we've had great success, we're investing in building a larger team. This is the reason for this job posting and why we're looking for enthusiastic candidates who know, love, and understand mobile technology.

There is a huge market opportunity in North America. You would proactively connect with interested leads. We are specifically looking for candidates that have optimal written English language skills, are able to communicate ideas clearly, and are excited about mobile- and web technology. We also require candidates to be super-friendly, warm and be highly organized. We work in a friendly and warm team atmosphere with a laid-back and collaborative corporate culture.

Working with us would be hell a more exciting than working at a traditional company!

Before I tell you three unique reasons why this role is so awesome, let me tell you a bit about why working for us would be way more exciting than other jobs. Actually, let me use the words of the CEO of our American company/partner since he's built a unique and quirky culture:

From CEO, Dustin Overbeck: I’ve done searches on other job boards (like Indeed, LinkedIn) to compare other similar jobs. Pretty much all these companies are overly "corporate". They are Boring with a capital “B”!

As an owner, one of my aims is to buck the tradition of a typical workplace. I know what corporate life is all about. Heck, I spent nine years in the corporate world -- stalk me on LinkedIn to see where it was spent. Corporate life can suck the ambition out of your soul. ? So no, working with us would not be “corporate” at all. We are a team of highly dynamic, culturally intelligent, and fun-loving people who are working together.

Here are 3 awesome reasons why working with us would be way better than working at all those other jobs that you might see advertised on other job boards. We offer the following:

  1. 🚀 Rocket Ship Growth Potential. Imagine working on the ground floor of Microsoft back in their early days. That's what it's like to work with us. Early traction with big potential. The future has never looked brighter!
  2. 🤓 Smart Peers. You will get to work with some of the smartest people around who are using their powers for good. They're using their creative energy to find ways to solve complex problems in an industry where our legacy competitors are well-funded, and old-fashioned...both in their thinking and their marketing approach.
  3. 🌮 Cutting edge technology. You will get to work on some really cutting-edge technologies that are changing the way people interact with their local government.

New Client Coordinator

We've made significant progress with product development and have the software sold into the US through our two American companies. We are therefore looking for a full-time New Client Coordinator. This would be somebody who will proactively connect and engage with our potential US clients. We need somebody to diagnose their unmet needs. This is done by asking potential clients a series of questions Socratically (via email or over the phone). This method is a "low pitch method" of truly understanding a client's needs.

We have a process and system already established, as well as having metrics in place. And best of all, we have pre-written scripts & scenarios that can use as templates to guide the conversations with our potential leads, at every stage in their buying process. Our sales system is all about: Patience, Process, and Content. This allows us to establish credibility with our potential clients. It opens up the dialogue for us to properly diagnose their current situation and understand their goals. And only after understanding their goals, we can propose some use case scenarios based on the benefits our software offers.

The great thing about this role is that you don't need to have prior sales or marketing experience. Our process and training will bring you up to speed. Instead, we're looking for candidates who have experience in customer service. We are specifically looking for an individual who is always kind & considerate. We're looking for somebody who is a great listener and who has awesome soft skills.

There are five main areas of this job:

  1. Intelligence Gathering Every time we have a conversation with a potential customer, we want to be as authentic and genuine as possible. Therefore we can gather some information about our lead and their place of employment through a bit of "intelligence gathering". It's not exactly a clandestine approach used by the CIA. ?? Instead, it's as simple as checking out their local government website, reading through their public meeting minutes/agendas to see what issues are happening in their neck of the woods, and seeing what sort of things they're posting on their LinkedIn profile.
  2. Customizing Our Templated Emails Our software solves specific problems inside of local government. We have a series of pre-written templates/scripts to use. After gathering some intelligence as mentioned above, you can tailor the email for the lead.
  3. Having Warm Conversations When a lead expresses interest and wishes to learn more, you would reply back in a warm and friendly way. You'll have a series of questions that you can use as a guide for having a Socratic dialogue with them. This helps to diagnose their situation while helping them understand how a potential solution could assist them to achieve their goals. These warm conversations will mostly happen over email, but will sometimes need to be done over the phone.
  4. Following Up Patience is a key part of establishing a relationship with a potential customer. Their sales process is usually at least a month or two long. Therefore scheduling follow-ups with potential clients is needed to keep the client warmed up.
  5. Documenting Notes in CRM We rely heavily on a CRM system to document the notes and conversations our team has with our leads. This is also where we schedule future follow-ups.

Skills to Have

  • Be proactive, kind, and be a creatively intelligent person
  • Be a great listener, a people person, somebody who has soft skills
  • Excellent with time management skills
  • Have an interest in web and mobile technology
  • Optimal written English language skills and ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas
  • Be extremely technical. As a technology-based workplace, we expect each person to “get it” when it comes to using the tools of a modern-day company
  • Be judicious about weekly or daily calendar planning

A Day in the Life of a New Client Coordinator

To give you some ideas of how your day to day life would be with us, I’ve highlighted briefly how it could look.

  • Attend a weekly Sales & Marketing Meeting

Our Marketing & Sales teams will chat over Zoom once weekly to discuss the current campaign efforts. This is where we all share our wins. Likewise, we'd discuss things that did not go so well and see how we can improve.

Communicate with Potential Clients

This is where a bulk of the time and effort is spent with potential clients. Mostly all done via email. You will have a list of leads to contact each week. The goal is to have warm and friendly conversations with each of the leads. A majority of the conversations will be spent in a Socratic way to properly diagnose their problems and goals. Only then can we present a solution that fits the needs of a client.

Part of the day would be scheduling follow-up conversations with the leads. Some leads might need to be followed up a week or a month later (for a board meeting to take place, for example). You'll make sure that each lead is scheduled for a follow-up so that it doesn't slip through the cracks.

You'll use pre-written email sequences that you can schedule to send to a client's specific situation. You can tailor the emails and sequence to fit their exact needs.

Invite Hot Leads to a Meeting with an Account Manager

When a lead signals that they're interested to hear more about what we offer, you can invite them to a demo with the Account Manager. The Account Manager would handle the actual demo call with the client. Therefore you'd schedule the meeting, follow up with the lead, and then prep the Account Manager about the needs of the lead.

Maintain the CRM

You'll have the primary responsibility to maintain the CRM. The Account Manager will create a 2-5 minute debrief of things mentioned in the call. It will include client notes, a list of attendees, and what each of them wants, along with the next steps in the sales process.

You'll add these notes to the CRM, and schedule activities for the next steps. If a client requests a proposal, you'd generate one in our proposal software.

Offices and work time

You'll work be working from HejDev offices in Niš, in the US Central time zone 8 AM to 4 PM, which translates to second shift work from 3 PM to 11 PM Serbian time, each day Monday to Friday. Weekends, Holidays, and Personal days of leave are always free.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in working with an awesome team as our New Client Coordinator, the next step is to stand out as a candidate. Just click on the Apply button to complete the application form!


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