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Backend JavaScript Engineer

Full Time

Salary: 3500.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

NodeJS English - speaking

 Hi! We're Locale.to

...and we're building the next generation of localization solutions for our international customers.

We're currently in a phase of rapid development on a variety of backend projects, so we're looking for an agile JS/Node.js Backend Engineer who can deal with a fast-paced environment, and who will play a central role in defining our product offering.

There's a lot going on and every day brings a new set of challenges. Today you might be working on an ETL, tomorrow on implementing a feature in our Automation Pipeline. There is never a dull moment.

If variety is the spice of life, we're a spicy Ghost Pepper for sure.

We're a small team of experienced developers and entrepreneurs and we work fully remotely.

We relish new ideas and there's the opportunity to have yours heard and put into place. We're all about making a real difference.

Our Stack

  • We run 100% JavaScript/Typescript.
  • We try to leverage many of the services in the AWS ecosystem and are enthusiastic about Serverless, Lambda, and StepFunction. We also use DynamoDB for our database. Some dev-ops experience is a real bonus here.
  • Our backend stack is Node.js and many serverless micro-services running on AWS.
  • Our API is a mix of GraphQL and REST endpoints.

You should be comfortable with some of these...

  • JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Lambda, StepFunction, Serverless framework.
  • OOP.
  • Test: Mocha, Jest, TDD, BDD.
  • Datastores: DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • API: GraphQL, REST.
  • Serverless micro-services architecture.
  • Experience with AWS cloud technologies (such as Lambda, S3, IAM, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, StepFunction, APIGateway). Our product is cloud-native and relies on services provided by AWS.
  • Experience with DevOps (IaC, FaaS, CI/CD).

You should absolutely work with us if...

  • You're open minded and focused on solving real world problems.
  • You communicate clearly in English, but you also speak another language.
  • You pay attention to details, and write "I pay attention to details" as the title of your application.
  • You enjoy learning new technologies, techniques and design patterns.
  • The words ETL, AST, Parser, Serializers, Lexers don't scare you

The fine print...

We're looking for candidates available at least 35 hours per week, and located in a UTC ±2 timezone.

We want a personal relationship, so sorry, NO AGENCIES please.

How to apply...

  • Email the following to jobs+backend-jsATlocale.to  (use @ sign instead of AT when using email )
    1. Your CV in PDF format
    2. A link to your Github profile
    3. Tell us where in the world you live
    4. Describe in a few words why you're a pleasure to work with
    5. Anything else...?

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