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Back-End Developer wanted to build API automation for orders and connect to wordpress & woo commerce [CLOSED]

Project Basis

Looking for Back-End Developer to join our superhero group. 

We are looking for a Back-End Web Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic, definition, and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will also be responsible for integrating the front-end elements built by your coworkers into the application. A basic understanding of front-end technologies is therefore necessary as well.

Please note: It’s important to ready the ENTIRE job posting carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Applicants that do not follow the outlined instructions will not be contacted.

About the Zedanauts

Hello! My name is Quinn, and I am the founder of Zeda Labs and Path Prober User Testing. Zeda Labs is a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping entrepreneurs build WordPress sites that are easy to use, beautiful, and most important, convert. Our process is a lot about building systems that scale and creating assets efficiently. We consider ourselves an elite creative team that only works with clients that have great products with the potential to make a positive impact. When we redesign a website, we expect the owner to get a return on their investment by increasing conversions and revenue and customer happiness. 

We can offer you:

 - 100% remote and work-your-own hours

- Super flexible around your own schedule

- Memes

- Work with an A-Team that does high-level work. 

- Access to paid tools & education

- Potential yearly team-retreats in exotic locations

We focus on quality, not quantity. We only work with one client at a time and in the other part of our time, we work on our creative projects, like Path Prober which is what this ad is for. When we created our brand, we thought it's cool to be creative superheroes that help a business level up... and every superhero group needs a comic right? So we made a comic book series to tell our story and work as a marketing tool. 

The first issue can be found here: https://zedalabs.com/comic/ (Intro to our team)

And the second issue which is not released yet (draft), can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8KHDSeiOzxxeHl4YzVtbFRpYTA (first client case study issue)

If you become a long-term member of our team, you'll join us in comic form!

We are a core team of 6. We have Henry who is our front-end developer (From England, living in Thailand), Piotr our lead illustrator (Poland), Quinn, me, the founder, user experience designer, and brand strategy, (lots of places - currently Mexico, in a few weeks Thailand), Pete our copywriter (England), Alex our typographer (Czech Republic), and Jerry our comic book scriptwriter (USA). 

We love doing awesome work that gets results for our clients (and ourselves!) 

What we're building: 

Anyways, user testing is a huge part of our process that informs our work, but all the solutions out there are really expensive, so we are building an easy to use affordable remote user testing service. Testers go to a website, complete a set of tasks like going through a check-out process and narrate their thoughts. Business owners get to understand what frustrates and delight their users and use that to make better design decisions and know where and what to change on their website to get better results. 

You can find the website here that explains more about what Path Prober is: https://pathprober.com/  We are in pre-beta right now. 

Currently, I am processing pre-beta orders manually, and I need to set up an automation that completes and delivers orders to customers. It takes forever to do manually. I need someone to build an API for mechanical Turk and Dameo as well as a mini app that delivers the testers instructions (provides a timer, multiple choice survey questions (how difficult was this task), task instructions, and gathers the video link when the test is complete). Currently, we are using google forms for this, so the "mini app" is not much more than that. Then this information is sent to a customer dashboard where they can view their videos, make notes, and rate the video. 

Here's what I need to be done: 

Our Tech:

  • Wordpress

  • Woo Commerce - for checkout, order and customer tracking system 

  • Mechanical Turk - Primary Order fulfillment - a place to post our jobs when customers order them. https://requester.mturk.com/developer
    • Will build this one first, Primary Resource for testers. 
    • I have an example API from a similar company for reference. 
  • Dameo - Secondary Order fulfillment - a place to post our jobs when customers order them. http://daemo-api-client.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ 
    • While documentation is not complete on Dameo API, the builders are available to answer questions and develop features that are needed. 
    • Secondary build to mturk
  • Active Campaign or Convert Kit - For email automation sequences. 
  • Digital Ocean - where we host our site. Using it with server pilot. 

We need a system that will send orders to both mTurk and Dameo so that if one goes down, we can still process orders. We need to be able to control how the orders are split between the two by code. 

How the system works: 

  1. The customer creates order and provides test information. 

    1. The test can be a pre-defined template, custom wrote, or they can buy an upsell to have us write the test for them.

    2. If upsell is chosen the order cannot be sent immediately, it must go to a queue to have the test written first by a real person. 
      1. Pings team to process it. 
    3. Customer selects demographics of testers
  2. The API sends the order information to MTurk or Dameo and posts the job. (I have an API example for mTurk that is similar to what we're using it for)
    1. Need to have users fill out a demographic survey so only qualified workers can accept the job. 
    2. Testers can only test a URL domain once.  If they have already tested a URL on that domain, they are not eligible to take another test for that website. 
    3. Need a place where we can store, save, the data that mturk deletes such as messages and ratings of videos by our QA team for each worker. Basically, their history and notes, how much we have paid them, how many bonuses they got, their average rating, etc. Turk's dashboard sucks to use; we need to do it via the API and a database instead.  
  3. The testers click a link which opens a landing page with the task instructions. The tester reads the information before starting. 
    1. Links to a landing page with all the instructions, user selects that they are recording and hit the start button
    2. Mini app launches and website open on the tab. 
      1. Contains a timer, Intro screen, tasks (one task per screen), multiple choice and short answer question and a place to input the video link. 
      2. Timer dings when the time is complete to notify the tester if they continue, it pings them again after 90 seconds. 
    3. Tester stops recording and inputs video link and finishes the survey. Goes to mturk and completes HIT. 
  4. API takes results and sends them to QA (human watches video)
    1. Pings team to process it. 
    2. Place to write video feedback for the tester
    3. Marks video ready
  5. Once get the go-ahead from QA, videos and survey results are presented in the customer dashboard. 
    1. Pings customer videos are ready to rock. 
  6. Customer interacts with the videos 
    1. Place to store notes about the video with time codes, 
    2. Ability to rate the video 1-5 stars and write what insights they got from the video as feedback to the tester. 
      1. When a video is rated five stars, a bonus is given to the worker. The amount depends on the length of a video. 
    3. Place to output notes and automatically download the entire tests data. 
    4. The customer has the ability to ask a tester to complete a follow-up test for them for an additional fee.
  7. An order is completed. :D

The Mini App

This is an example of what the mini-app would look like and contain to deliver instructions to the tester as they navigate the site. This one is ugly; ours will be beautiful. 



What we're looking for: 

Someone who cares about the quality of their work wants to do good things with their skills and work with awesome people. We're looking for someone to handle the back-end development for our API's and help us with other things on an ongoing basis. The automation is the first step, once we gain momentum, we would like to continue to develop out the user testing product, dashboard, and features. We want you to take over and own this part of the project. We have a front-end developer that is responsible for the look/feel of the UI, and I work on the user experience, so it's easy to use and flows well. Your role will be to connect everything functionally. 

How to Apply

Answer the following questions:

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us something awesome about you. What are you passionate about? 

  2. What experience or skill sets do you have that you think to make you the ideal choice for us? 

  3. Can you tell us about a relevant project and your role in it? 

  4. Why is this a dream job for you? What excites you most about our job ad?

  5. Show us the office where you normally work. (Photo or video)

Include the following details: 

  1. Your contact details
  2. A link to your portfolio
  3. A list of your skillsets and languages

  4. A link to 1-3 most relevant projects and a brief description of them. 

  5. Your Hourly Rate

Applicants: 7

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