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AWS Cloud Engineer / DevOps needed. [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

++ NO AGENCIES. Individual developers ONLY. ++ Experience we're looking for: + Extensive knowledge setting up AWS configurations, specifically EC2, S3, Cloudfront, Route 53, and RDS. + Previous experience doing complex EC2 setups in multiple continents using route 53 for routing + Setting up CORS in our cloudfront configuration, through original pull to prevent custom origin security issues. + Has previously setup cloudflare, varnish, and other optimizations. + Generally thinks of oneself as a server admin and website optimizer. + Can setup various monitoring and alerts + Can do strong load testing simulation on live dev site without causing problems to main server. Additionally, the following would be nice to have: + Availability for emergency server crashes + Quick immediate availability on Skype and/or phone + Typically works EST hours, around 11am - 7pm. + Comfortably doing an audio interview and talking on the phone + Intermediate or better English ability. + Experience working with AWS + Strong devops knowledge + Experience creating multi-stage development workflows + A love of chess The job is fully remote, and you'll be working with an existing remote team. It is part time (but long term), with 15-20 hours per week to start, moving on to 5-10 hours per week maximum once we are in maintenence mode and I finish with all the various AWS projects I'm working on. You'll be expected to provide references and examples of your work with Amazon AWS . If you cannot provide real examples and case studies samples, don't bother applying! Availability should be Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm EST, but there is flexibility. If you work weekends that is not necessary but in case of emergency server crashes it would be nice to be able to get in touch in a server crash emergency. We are hiring an optimizer and general long term server admins. Most successful applicants will be given a chance to do a small test project of finishing setting up our Cloudfront CDN. We've had various permission issues, specifically certain css font images won't load because CORS is not properly setup in our origin pull causing cross origin problems. If you can pass that we have other projects we need to take care of such as setting up s3 acceleration (should be pretty easy), and most importantly setting up multiple ec2 instances across usa, europe and south america to improve latency around the world using route 53 which will be the most fun and challenging process. This job posting is extremely competitive and the vetting process is rigorous. About us: We are a successful eCommerce chess site in business for over 5 years working with remote teams. We're rapidly growing. We've new to jobrack.eu but we've paid out over $100,000 in contracts between eLance and upwork/odesk with over 3,500 hours paid out. We're looking for real professionals. If you are interested in applying please reply "I WANT TO APPLY" and I can send you a short form learning more information about you. Thank you for your consideration.

iChess.net / iChess.es

iChess.net is an eCommerce website thats been in business for 5+ years. We sell all products related to the game of chess, specifically digital con...

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