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Awesome PHP Backend Developer with PhalconPHP and API experience wanted for Remote company with big Ambitions! [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

NOTE: Before applying make sure to read the WHOLE application carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Failure to follow instructions will get you ignored

Imagine yourself working for a small company (+/- 10 great team members) creating new cutting edge products on the web....
We share ideas and new programming techniques via Glip (similar to slack) with constant communication, we are easy going but with a great work ethic and get shit done when the pressure is on.

Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? Get attractive bonuses based on your work results, and of course we will respect your local holidays.. Then keep reading!

Please carefully read the following profile and if it is a perfect fit for you follow the instructions at the bottom to apply.

Personality = often More Important Than Skills...
- You can approach tasks highly organized step-by-step

- Problem solving attitude, if you face a problem investigate it to solve the problem you are facing.

- Understand that nobody knows everything! It is ok if you don't understand something or are not able to find an answer to a problem! Throw the problem in the team and work together to find a solution. We're not looking for lonesome cowboy programmers but team players.

- You are reliable, proactive and you can focus on the task at hand

- Make sure your code is reliable and test it. Don't skim the job, be critical with your own work

- You are able to take constructive feedback, and learn from your mistakes.

- You take responsibility for your actions, and acknowledge your responsibility if you make a mistake. If you have made the wrong decision (you’ll quickly learn if you have), you will find praise in responding quickly to the situation – shortly after discovering it.

- You are an honest, hardworking and responsible person that loves your job.

- You speak, read and write good English and communicate clearly.

- You pay attention to details, always fully read instructions thoroughly and can follow workflows to the letter.

- You have a stable high speed internet connection, and can work from home without distractions and have Skype.

- When deadlines hit and pressure goes up (e.g. launching a product) you are there to stand your own and do what's necessary

The Magic Skills We're Looking For:
- Excellent PHP5 & 7 programmer Efficient coding, clean code, readable programming, code commenting & documention (in English!), security conscience (never EVER trust 3rd party input always clean it)
Experience with: PhalconPHP & Building (and designing) (RESTFULL) API's
Huge extras: Laravel, CodeIgnitor, experience with MicroServices Architecture

- Working with databases You know how to write efficient MySql Queries (Join's; left, right, outer, IN, NOT IN, using index, keys, foreign keys) and have experience with NoSQL (MongoDB or others). Furthermore you also know how to optimize and test efficiency of queries.
Huge extras: Database design (normalizing), big data

- Javascript We need you to at least have a basic good knowledge of (Native) Javascript and jQuery.
Huge extras: Experience with any front-end frameworks. Let us know which!

- clean HTML5 + CSS Not mixing it up with PHP obviously. Not bloating your CSS sheets.
Huge extras: Experience with bootstrap

- Know how to work with GIT

And some other skills that will move you further on top of the list:

- Experience with big data & HA (we're trying to decide with databases to use for big ambitious main focus project)

- Setting up easy to replicate dev environments (either locally or in the cloud - we're looking to make it easier to switch dev environment to switch between projects and onboard new developers)

- You tell us :)

About us
As mentioned before we are a company of about 10 people focusing on web applications and SaaS products with a all remote team. We believe in freedom and working from any location you want and you get the choose your work hours (though we do need you in some meetings, and around product launches etc of course).

We are currently in transition from having a big product portfolio to going to just a few BIG focus products, this means you will also be asked to step in for old products to do maintenance and bug fixing. We expect this transition period to take 6 - 8 months.

The big focus product that will be most relevant for you is called: http://adaptively.net
- go have a look and see if it intrigues you (if not perhaps better to not apply!)

The company is run by a CEO and a CTO, and you'll be in direct contact with both of them, we don't require a lot of formality but we do demand respect & courtesy equally for everybody in the team.

You can check us out at http://www.kvsocial.com, and see some of the products.
We are looking for a FULL TIME and long term position!

Instructions to Apply:
Please start your application with the phrase 'PhalconPHP is awesome'

Then rate yourself from 1 to 10 (where 10 is super duper awesome) as to the following skills / platforms:
Yii 3:
API Design:
Mysql / MariaDB:
DB Design:

Also be sure to mention any extra skill & experience you might have and of course if you have experience with any of the mentioned 'extras' in this job description.

Negotiable Based on your performance you will also receive bonuses. As long as KVSocial's success further grows your salary will keep growing as well! We're looking for ambition..


Neil & Steven


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