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Awesome PHP Backend Developer wanted for Remote company with big Ambitions! [CLOSED]

Full Time 12.00 USD Type: Hourly

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Advanced... Bootstrap PHP Laravel CodeIgniter PhalconPHP Data Modelling

Please note: It’s important to ready the ENTIRE job posting carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Applicants that do not follow the outlined instructions will not be contacted.

Imagine yourself working for a cool online company (+/- 15 great team members) creating new cutting edge products on the web. We share ideas and new programming techniques via Glip (similar to Slack) with constant communication. We are easy going but with a great work ethic and (most importantly) get shit done when the pressure is on.

Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? Get attractive bonuses based on your work results? In return, we will, of course, respect your local holidays.

Then keep reading!

This is just 100% you! - We Love Personality!

- Attention to detail, down to every tag
- Analytical mind that can turn every idea into a clean coded functionality
- You are reliable, proactive and you can focus on the task at hand and be able to meet deadlines
- You are fluent in English and can communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly
- You have a stable high-speed internet connection, can work from home (or your office / co-working, etc.) without distractions and be available per Skype
- Love for your craft

These are the skills we are looking for:

- A PHP wizard with at least three years of PHP programmer experience under your belt
- Working knowledge of Laravel and preferably some others like CodeIgniter
- Advanced Javascript experience;
When I say advanced JS, I think of things like closures, anonymous functions etc.
- Solid knowledge of Bootstrap & HTML & CSS
- High attention to security; know your security prerequisites - these are our products we are working on, and we need them secured 100%
- GIT - to be able to work with Git repos

Any of these skills make you go to the top of the list:
- PhalconPHP experience
- MicroService experience
- Big data experience
- AI affinity / experience
- Data Modelling knowledge

Your average day in KVSocial

First, you’d log into Glip (team chat), check all messages, and provide response where needed. After that, pull Git repo's on the project(s) you are working on. To start programming, you’d open Asana, and check your tasks. If you have any questions about priority or any of the pending tasks, you would ask them on Glip. Then start working, and every task you finish do a Git commit. At the end of your day, you would give a short 'twitter like' update.

These are the things you’d be rated on as PHP developer

We work in weekly or bi-weekly sprints to protect our developers from constantly changing requirements. So when a sprint is planned you know what to do for the next week or 2 weeks and you get to plan your own time around that.

About us - KVSocial

We have 15 employees (+1?), and our primary business focus is web applications and SaaS products in the Internet Marketing market. However, we are gradually moving away from IM and the one-problem-one-solution software and 'opportunity' products to a real SaaS model.

The company has been around for 3+ years and has been profitable from year 1. We have launched various software apps and websites (like this site Jobrack.eu) and gained tens of thousands of customers in the process.

This is a fully remote, full-time position in a team working on different parts of the world including the Philippines, and Eastern Europe. The team is run by a CEO and CTO, both of them of whom are Digital Nomads working from different spots in the world! It doesn’t matter in which time zone you are currently based in, as long as you make it to our daily meetings that are a must to attend.

We don't have a informal culture -- you can talk to anybody in the team, including the CEO and CTO, in ordinary matter. Furthermore, we don't care if you show up to work in your pajamas, shorts or a suit :). Also if you have digital nomad ambitions we'll be happy to help out with that!

We look for dedication and professionalism while giving you full creative freedom. We all contribute immensely to the success of our company, and all employees are an integral part of our success. We want people who believe in our product as much as we do. In return, we give you the flexibility to work in your most motivating environment.

We love our multi-cultural company and the fact we have people from all over the world working on creating the best products to give our customers.

How to apply?

Please rate yourself from 1 to 10 (where 10 is super duper awesome) as to the following skills/platforms:

Javascript (native):
Data modeling:

Also be sure to mention any extra skill & experience you might have that you think are relevant. Bonus skills are highly appreciated!

Together with your message, please include the answer to the following question:
"An apple costs 40 cents; a banana costs 60 cents and a grapefruit costs 80 cents. How much does a pear cost?" And also tell me - how you came up with that?


Your typical work week would be between 30 - 40 hours.
The salary is negotiable based on the skill set but in the range of 8-15$ph depending on your experience and skills.

We have a bonus and salary increase plan based on your responsibility in individual projects and the success of those projects. They are both also based on the results of the company - KVSocial’s success is your success as well!

We love ambition so if you want to improve your skills we offer you the room to do so and grow in the company.

Now - go on and apply already! :)


P.S. People who don't pay proper attention to this post and can't follow instructions to apply will be ignored instantly. Like we said we need people with attention for details.


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