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Amazon Content Manager (A+ / Stores / Listings / Copy) [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

We're a fully-remote Amazon marketing & training agency with global clients.

We're seeking an Amazon Content Manager to:

  1. Oversee & guide the creation of Amazon A+ content & Amazon Storefronts
  2. Oversee, guide & review copywriting for our clients' Amazon product detail pages
  3. Manage clients' product catalogs across vendor & seller central 
  4. Participate in and lead client training if/when necessary  

You will oversee a team of Amazon content designers, copywriters & Amazon product catalog experts - therefore deep understanding & experience of these areas is crucial.

NOTEWe ask a LOT of questions (see below) in our application process. Why? Because we're interested in finding great team members who are seeking long-term roles where they can grow their skills & responsibility.
NOTE from JobRack: Click the Apply button then copy/paste questions into your application message and answer one by one in the message box, along with your personalised cover letter.

QUESTIONS - Please answer ALL questions below in your cover letter.


Where are you physically located?

In which timezone do you prefer to work?

What do you like about working remotely?

What do you NOT like about working remotely?

What remote working tools have you used? (Asana, Slack etc)

If you're NOT a native English-speaker, how did you achieve Fluency in English?

Please rate your spoken English on a scale out of 10.

Please rate your written English on a scale out of 10.

Do you currently have a day job with fixed hours? If so, tell us about it.

Tell us about your last/previous day job.

What are you great at?

What do you struggle with? What do you need to work on?

What is your project management experience?

Do you have any experience leading teams?

Would you be comfortable leading a team of Amazon-focused designers, copywriters & catalog experts?

Give us an overview of your experience working with brands on Amazon?

What is your specific experience with Amazon A+ Content?

What is your specific experience with Amazon Storefronts?

What is your specific experience with Amazon Product Listings? 


What is your specific experience with Amazon Copywriting? 

Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile

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