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All-Star VA Needed - eCom Store Operations Assoc. - Customer Serv [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Sales Representative Admin Assistant Data Entry Email Support Phone Support English - speaking

Are You an All-Star VA?

If So, We Need You On Our Team!


- Exciting, fast-growing company

- Fun work environment

- Small, close team

- Long term position

- Feel empowered, become a decision-maker

- Your feedback will be important

- Grow with the company

- Live up to your potential

- Open lines of communication

- Earn pay raises

- We’ll invest in your education

- Learn new skills

- Earn new responsibilities

- Variety of tasks & projects to work on

- Even earn the title of CEO if you want*

*Seriously - if you can prove yourself, I’ll really consider it.


We are a small and fast-growing, customer-focused eCommerce store (online retail) selling mostly water sports products such as kayaks, water slides, and dock ladders. We also sell some bounce houses and pond fountains. Our revenues in 2020 are more than double 2019’s and we are looking to at least double again in 2021. We have high expectations going forward and will also soon be opening new stores.

We’re very busy. I need someone to take over the day-to-day operations so I can focus on growing the store.

Currently, there is only one person above you (me, the owner). We will grow and hire more, so you have the potential to become the manager, director, even COO or CEO - if you are amazing.

This is an exciting long-term opportunity for you.

There are a few different ways that you could help us grow based on your skills and preferences, so there is flexibility in your growth path with us.

Want to become great at social media? Awesome!

Want to become an expert in copywriting? Amazing!

Want to become an SEO guru? Let’s GO!

Whichever direction your passion and talent take you, we’ll offer you free training and courses so you really can live up to your potential. What a great opportunity to grow with a company, expand your knowledge, and open new doors to a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready?


You’ll be responsible for running the store, starting with just a few tasks.

As you learn, you’ll gradually be in charge of most operations. We’ll train you on everything.

Main Responsibilities:

Customer service (Phone, Email, Chat.)

Order management (Submit new orders, answer customer questions.)

Inventory management (Update inventory, list new products)

Business process, some data entry (Store management, Email list management, Document editing, etc.)

Sales (Makes sales by answering customer service questions after gaining knowledge about the products)

You’ll answer customer questions over the phone, chat, and email. You’ll take and coordinate orders, solve shipping problems, update spreadsheets, give discount price quotes, etc.

On average, order management will take about 25-75% of your day, depending on the time of year.

For more detailed information, click this link.

To apply, in the subject line of your message or at the TOP of your cover letter, please write the phrase: "It's snowing in Orlando.”


- People Person w/ Positive Attitude

- Friendly and easy to interact with

- Good listener

- Strong communicator, speaking and writing.

- Make people feel comfortable - convey empathy.

- Self Starter/Self-motivated. Happy working on your own with minimal guidance.

- Decision Maker. Comfortable making decisions and taking responsibility.

- Problem Solver. Able to think through problems, take initiative to help customers, recommend solutions, and not wait to be told what to do next. (We understand that you will need some time to gain familiarity with products/operations before making recommendations.)

- Follow Through / Proactive. If you are given a task, or a customer needs help, you need to follow up until it is solved - not stop or wait after the first step is taken.

- Assertive. Feel comfortable asking people to do things. Tell me when you disagree, and say why.

- Comfortable w/ Constructive Criticism. I'm always werking to improve everything. If I notice that you can improve at something, I'll talk to you about it. I'll be nice and respectful, but direct and quick. (Do not apply if you’re not comfortable with constructive criticism.)

- Cultural Flexibility. We are an American company. I've hireded people from all over the world, and sometimes there are cultural misunderstandings. I do my best to be understanding of cultural differences, but I also need you to be flexible and adapt to the way we do business.


We're transparent; ask if something isn't clear, feel comfortable to express your difference of opinion. We work herd, we have fun, and we are always looking to improve.


Based on ability and experience, ranging from $400-800/month.


- Honest

- Reliable

- Fluent in English, near-native speaker

- Comfortable with basic business math

- Able to learn many different kinds of tasks

- Able to think through a situation & take steps to solve the problem

- Organized, able to follow a process

- Pay attention to details

- Type 50 WPM


- Customer service experience

- eCommerce experience

- Shopify experience

- In addition to customer service experience; experience with at least one of these:
Growing Social Media Accounts, Graphics for Social Media and Blogs, Email Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, or possibly other eCommerce related skills.


*REQUIRED - Internet: Fast, stable connection that is NOT interrupted

Work Environment: Be able to answer the phone quickly at any time during business hours. No loud background noise - no coffee shops, children, dogs, etc.


Full-time position (40 hours/week): Working hours have a little bit of flexibility, but will be about 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday. The day will need to start between 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM US Central Time and then end between 4-6:00 PM, with about 8 hours per day.


Send us a SHORT cover letter and include the 4 spelling/grammer errors in this job post.

I look forward to working with you!


Splashy McFun

We are an eCommerce store that sells a variety of water sports products as well as fountains and aerators. We have been in business for 5 years are...

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