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Why Outsource to Eastern Europe with JobRack?

  • High speed internet connection

  • Close proximity to USA and EU countries

  • We advertise your job with paid ads

  • No ongoing fees from us - pay directly to the employee

  • Hire Full or Part time, hourly, monthly or for fixed projects

JobRack for employers - How can JobRack help you?

We head-hunt

We give you a headstart in hiring by spending
time and money to find you best possible
candidates for your next hire!

Reduce your cost

Typically, American and European hires cost
between $75,000 and $150,000 a year. In
comparison, our jobseekers' average stated
salary requirement is $15,000 a year.

Skills you need

Don't see you ideal jobseeker in our

Contact us and we'll find one for you! We are
good like that.

24-hour suport

We feel strongly about supporting our clients
- get in touch with us and we'll turn around
within 24 hours! We'll make your hiring is the
last thing you need to worry about to grow
your business.

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JobRack for jobseekers - How can JobRack help you?

Weekly assistance

As soon as you sign up, we will enroll you into
our weekly call where we'll wall you through
everything you need to know about using

We ensure you get paid

One of the biggest worries jobseekers have is
whether or not they'll get paid.

We have processes in place to make sure we
work with your employer to help you get paid
for your work.

New jobs straight
to your mail

Once logged in, you can sign up to our
notifications and receive new jobs directly in
your inbox twice a day.

We won't take any
money from you

Unlike other platforms out there, we don't
intend to take any money from you! You keep
100% of what you make!

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Look what our clients are saying about us...


"I definitely recommend to my
friends because I love the fact that
you go out and find qualified new applicants for
me. I have hired 3 people from jobrack
and found it to be incredibly useful in helping to
grow my agency with the right people."



"JobRack is very easy to use and we got a flood
of good candidates very quickly."



Bean Ninjas

"JobRack is the only Estern European
freelancer site avaible"



"I had hired someone in the UK for 10 hours a
week, and was very dissatisfied. I put a job add on
JobRack and got 15 applications in 10 days. I
hired someone from Croatia to work full time for
$800/ month. He's amazing find - great
English, hard-working, very clever and
determined. I can thoroughly recommend
JobRack for you next hire."



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