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About Company

At Floatist, we understand the intricate challenges faced by yacht charter companies in managing their operations because we've experienced them as skippers first hand. As sailors by heart, and software engineers by trade, we combined our unique skillset to provide you with a comprehensive fleet and charter operations management platform that serves as your right hand, every step of the way. Our mission is to make your work as a charter company easier by addressing the frustrations and inefficiencies that arise in the day to day operations. We know the frustrations of vital information getting lost in a sea of email chains and miscommunications on busy check-in days. That's why Floatist is here to streamline your operations and empower you to navigate the complexities of your business with confidence. With Floatist, you gain access to a powerful platform with features and tools that drive efficiency and enhance communication. From effective collaboration among your teams to seamless maintenance tracking, we ensure that no task is overlooked, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and keeping your fleet in optimal condition. Additionally, we recognize that delivering an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of a successful charter business. Floatist empowers you to deliver seamless check-ins, provide comprehensive information on yacht equipment, and offer troubleshooting support to your charter guests. Experience the power of Floatist and navigate the waters of success with confidence. Let us be your partner in achieving operational excellence in the yacht charter industry.