Miracle Brand

Fully Remote United States

About Company

We’re on a mission to bring a dash of Miracle to people’s daily lives through thoughtfully-designed everyday products.

We believe every item in your daily life presents an opportunity for better design.

Whether it’s bedding that helps improve your sleep, a detergent that is free of plastics and toxins, or a simple shower steamer to help you relax after a long day, we create products that make your life easier, healthier, and just all around better so that you can experience more of the Miracle of life.

Buy fewer, but better things. Make your home your sanctuary. Live your Miracle.


  • Accessible Luxury: We strive to deliver products and experiences that have a premium-quality feel while remaining accessible in both pricing and tone of voice. Our brand experience should feel luxurious but not snobbish.
  • Delightful: Whether it’s an engaging advertisement, a thoughtful gift, or pleasant imagery, we try to infuse our brand experience with delight. Imagine that our customers are “hotel guests” of a hotel called “Life” and our job is to help them experience a dash of Miracle. That is how we approach creating for and interacting with our customers.
  • Holistic: In aiming to create products that are better, one must consider the whole picture of what “better” means. We aim to create products that are not just of high quality but also better for you. This could mean easier to use, healthier, or providing an overall more enjoyable experience. We aim to reflect this in our visual identity through a simple and natural-feeling aesthetic that only uses bold colors when it is necessary to capture attention, like fruit on a tree.