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Our organsiation is focused on WordPress software (we do not design/build WordPress sites).

We have a SAAS product that is around 8 years old that allows our clients to manage multiple WordPress sites.

We also have a WordPress security plugin that is around 6 years old that is very popular and also has a premium version.

We are looking for long-term, committed, free-thinking and self-driven people for our team. One of our most important and guiding principles is freedom to express your ideas and explore opinions from the team. There are currently 2 of us in the team, and we work best with individuals who are self-motivated, communicative and honest.

We have a very flexible working environment and we encourage all team members to report-in regularly on progress, achievements and challenges they are facing, at any time. While we all work in different areas, we're a team first and we're working together - we're not a collection of independent consultants working on our own tasks.

Any member of the time will be expected to work on the helpdesk offering support to other members of the team, and also debugging and solving customer problesm. Our approach is that if a customer reports a problem or a bug, they are correct - there is a problem with our software. It is our responsibility to demonstrate the bug is real, or demonstrate the bug is not real. This keeps us humble and honest and help keep arrogance away from the workplace.

Our mission is to build software that works really well, is innovative and solve problems in the best way possible for us and the clients, regardless of what that means. If we do something wrong, we own up to it and fix it.

If our description appeals to you, and you want to become a long-term, important member of the team, then we really want to work speak with you more. If you need only a short-term position, this job post isn't for you and we wish you all the best.

We look forward to chatting with you.


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