United Kingdom

About Company

Muldale is a fast-growing, passionate, and innovative e-commerce company specialising in home and garden products. Since their beginnings in 2020, they have cultivated three unique brands, catering to different price points and customer preferences. Their incredible growth has seen them soar from a startup to a seven-figure business, and they are excited to be on track for impressive revenue next fiscal year! 

Their diverse and talented team of 12 members is the heart of the success of the business, hailing from various backgrounds, ages, and experiences in areas such as buying, marketing, accounting, and customer services. The team prides itself on its dynamic, hardworking, and supportive environment, where collaboration and structure help them deliver exceptional products and services. 

As a company that's driven by targets and growth, they are constantly researching and exploring new ways to improve their operations. They believe that their commitment to innovation sets them apart from the rest.