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About Company

Atlas Assistants exists for one reason: To help entrepreneurs and their teams get their time back so they can do more of what they love. 

Our #1 impact metric is 1 Million Transformed (1MT) Hours.

Our GUARANTEE when we work with clients  is to get them at LEAST 10 hours of their life back…

Our GOAL is to get them at least 20 hours.

The math is mind blowing when you look at why we chose this to our focus.

Going to nerd out here for a moment ?

Time Re-allocated (based on 10 hours per week):

  • Each month = 1 week or 40 hours
  • Each Quarter = 3 weeks or 120 hours
  • Each Year = 12 weeks or 1 Quarter

Just by optimizing 10 hours a week…a person: 

  1. adds a quarter to their business - how much is one quarter's worth of revenue and profit worth to them?
  2. 480 HOURS
  3. 80 DAYS (based on 6 hours of focused work a day)
  4. 60 Work Days (based on a 8 hour work day)

Time Re-allocated (based on 20 hours per week):

  • Each month = 2 week
  • Each Quarter = 6 weeks
  • Each Year = 6 months

I think you get it by now…this is important work.

Just imagine what people can do with this time….

  • Do more of the work they love that lights up their soul ?
  • Work less, take space, and enjoy life more :)
  • Spend time with family
  • Work on themselves

Currently,..we are starting by optimizing people's lives in the following areas:

Executive Care:

1. email management
2. calendar management
3. meetings
4. tasks
5. travel

Business support:

1. social media
2. video editing
3. admin & operational support

We're just getting started.

Our clients are thought leaders, industry leaders, and some of the top entrepreneurs in the world.

At Atlas, you get to be a massive part of actualizing missions into the world.

If this calls to you, JOIN US!