Winning Ivy Prep College Admissions

Palo Alto United States

About Company

One woman’s passion of mentoring high achieving high school youth has evolved over the years to serving 250+ clients.

In the United States, the admission to top tier universities is fierce. Brand name schools have a less than 10% acceptance rates, and families are keen in working with college admissions consultants like us to help give their children a unique edge in the competitive admissions process.

Specifically, we work with high school students from 9th to 12th grade of high school (~ages 15 to 18) and prepare them to gain acceptance to the best universities in the world. Yes, you read that right – families hire us starting at age 15 to prepare the child for 3 years for college admissions. It's that competitive. But that also means we as a company are impactful in a teenager's life. 

We are proud to be mentors, and do our absolute best to deliver excellence to our students.